The state records six new cases and there are no deaths as the Sheperton test steps up

Health officials urged members of the local community, especially those who participated in the exposure, to be examined, but were rejected because many spent hours in long lines and were asymptomatic.

An additional test site is up and running on Thursday. Australian Defense Force workers and members of a nearby quick response team will also enhance their testing capabilities for testing.

About 20 people were lining up at one of the city’s test facilities around 6am Thursday, before 8am opening hours.Nine’s reported that this increased to about 100 at 7 am today program.

Locals interviewed by Nine complained about the delay in testing and the behavior of a man in the Melbourne metropolitan area who did not disclose to contact tracers that he had traveled to Sheparton after visiting Kilmore on September 30. Did. Sheperton tracer.

“I hope they act swiftly with him because I can forget that I came to Sheparton,” said one man.

Another said: “I waited in line for five and a half hours. [on Wednesday] In the heat, I just turn my back. “

The man went to a hairdresser, ate at a Thai restaurant, and worked at a Sheparton tire shop. It is against current pandemic restrictions for the people of Metropolitan Melbourne to dine at local restaurants and use personal services such as hairdressers. Victorian police confirmed Wednesday night that the man’s case had been introduced by the DHHS. Police will now determine if the crime has been committed, the spokesman said.

The Victorian Department of Health requires Shepparton people to undergo a two-week inspection and self-quarantine when visiting any of Shepparton’s five hospitality facilities or retail stores. In a more tenacious outbreak management strategy, health officials are also testing the close contacts of these people and require them to be quarantined for 14 days.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said on Wednesday that the truck driver had been quarantined on September 30 when he traveled to Victoria if the same strategy was used at the time of the Chadstone outbreak.

People who attend four other exposure sites, including the local Bunnings Warehouse and McDonald’s, are encouraged to take the test and quarantine themselves until they receive the test results. These sites are considered low risk.

The new Shepparton Sports Precinct test facility, located on the corner of Numurkah Road and Brauman Street, will open from 10 am to 5:30 pm in the netball court parking lot and from 12 pm in the soccer field.

Existing test sites include the Macintosh Center, the Sheparton Respiratory Clinic, and the Goulburn Valley Health Acute Respiratory Clinic.

High-risk exposed areas (advice: tested and quarantined for 14 days):

  • Shepparton Bomb Barber Shop on Fryers Street after 9:30 am on October 7 (case visit shop)
  • Central Tire Service, Wellsford Street Wednesday, September 30th to October 13th (Cases work in stores)
  • Sheparton Thai Orchid Restaurant on Nixon Street from 7pm on October 7th (Case is served at the store)
  • Sheparton Marketplace Medical Center on Midland Highway, October 8th, 9:15 am to 10:15 am
  • Moore Opener Golf Club Members Bar, October 4th to October 11th

Other exposure locations (advice: stay home while taking the test and waiting for the results):

  • Bunnings Warehouse on Wellsford Street, September 30
  • McDonald’s Sheparton North, 169-175 Numurkah Road, October 3
  • Lemon Tree Cafe, Flyers Street Sheparton, October 7-12
  • October 11th Mooa Opener Golf Club Pro Shop

Paul is a reporter for The Age.

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Place of originThe state records six new cases and there are no deaths as the Sheperton test steps up

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