The tough year that led to James Van der Beak’s move to Texas

James van der Beak moved from LA to Texas uprooting his life after a tough year he detailed in this week’s Instagram post.

The· Dawson’s Creek Alum, 43, revealed in a very candid post that a series of unfortunate events helped make the decision to move his family – wife Kimberly and her five children, Gwendolyn, 2. , Emilia, 4, Anaberlia, 6, Joshua, 8 and Olivia, 9 – Texas.

media_cameraAfter a tough year, the actor is happy to start fresh with his family

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“In the last 10 months, we have had two late pregnancy losses, each of which has put @vanderkimberly in the hospital,” the actor writes. God), a business colleague I hired hijacked the project and stabbed me behind, I was prematurely kicked out of a real-life dance show preferred to win in front of the whole world, and My mother died. “

“And shut down,” he continued, referring to the coronavirus pandemic. “All of that has brought about dramatic changes in our lives, our dreams and our priorities … and we have landed here.”

“Today is full of gratitude,” added Van Der Beek.

The star first announced that his family would be back in September after sharing a photo of his empty Beverly Hills home.

“Sometimes a more fulfilling life begins with an empty house,” the shot caption was added. “Leaving Los Angeles is incredibly grateful for all the friends and memories we made here. To the next big adventure!”

James and his family visited the Grand Canyon on a road trip
media_cameraJames and his family visited the Grand Canyon on a road trip

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The family posted a trip to Texas on social media, and the actor posted a photo of the family in the Grand Canyon, Arizona on October 3.

“When I was a kid, I visited #GrandCanyon, and despite the turmoil of the last 30 years, she’s still there,” he writes. “It doesn’t change with all the stupid things we’ve done so far. I remembered how small we are today and how temporary our time here is. #MakeItCount.”

Upon arriving in New Mexico, he also shared a video of an empty paraglider, detailing why daily restrictions in LA moved him.

“In a park in Beverly Hills near my house, we just left … you weren’t allowed to fly a kite,” he wrote.

“Not allowed in any park in #BeveryHills. Bike, climb trees, throw balls at the walls of burnt blocks, learn something from instructors, use weights, cones and other types of pads Cleats (even rubber) and batting cages built next to the baseball stadium couldn’t be used.

“I’m not saying that you need to keep your fans on your back and fly parachutes like this guy … but when people ask why they’re moving their kids out of LA, these are just the reasons. Some. Come more … “

The actor expresses why he had to leave LA
media_cameraThe actor expresses why he had to leave LA

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Earlier this week, fans finally saw Van Der Beek record a home stretch on their road trip.

“When I was a kid, I thought freedom would finally get what I dreamed of. It wasn’t. Then I thought freedom wouldn’t be obsessed with anything. That wasn’t the case, “he captioned his video driving a large empty field.

“Now, in the midst of a move to a new state 1500 miles away from where I used to live … I’m starting to feel that freedom boldly loves everything in your heart … and I have the courage to put you in love first. I’m working on it … “

First published as a star is a detail of the losses he suffered in a year

The tough year that led to James Van der Beak’s move to Texas

Source link The tough year that led to James Van der Beak’s move to Texas

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