The University of Sydney will temporarily remove Hong Kong police classified ads

A spokeswoman for the University of Sydney said the ad was republished on the CareerHub website on Tuesday.

“As with all ads on the hub, there is a disclaimer attached that makes it clear that we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or approve the organization that sent the ad. It is also advisable to check the information provided, “she said.

“SydneyCareerHub is a job database that allows students to search for advertised and unpromoted job opportunities such as casual jobs, internships, and graduate roles.

“The Hub caters to all students who may be looking for a job: those who are currently in Australia and those who may return home after graduation to pursue a career.”

Hong Kong police are advertising an inspector whose application will be closed on 31 December.

Complaints sent to the university called for the removal of the “national interest” in response to the use of police for human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party and the opportunity to recruit students in Australia.

When a university spokesperson receives a complaint about an ad on the hub, the standard process is to remove the ad from the public and seek advice as needed while further investigation is taking place. Said.

The ad was originally published on September 28th and was temporarily hidden on Monday.

The University of New South Wales also reportedly deleted job listings from the Hong Kong Police Force earlier this year.

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Place of originThe University of Sydney will temporarily remove Hong Kong police classified ads

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