The US political crisis has a starting point


Meanwhile, Trump’s party is practicing voter oppression to discourage voting by the minority. Republican states make it difficult for minorities and young people to register. They limit voting machines in booths in poor and black districts, forcing long queues and hours of waiting.

“We are the only advanced democracy on the planet that systematically and deliberately makes it very difficult for people to vote,” said Barack Obama.

Simply unthinkable in other Western nations, this systematic oppression of voters refutes the protracted notion of the United States as a democracy, as opposed to a constitutionally established republic of freedom of expression. I will.

The same constitution that spoils such abuse also created a Supreme Court with a political scope in the third room, sitting on the Senate and the House of Representatives. Filling Ginsburg’s vacant seats with Amy Coney Barrett is another chapter in a 50-year project by conservatives to build a conservative court as an anti-majoritarian backstop. It has been trapped for decades and is promising a majority Republican on the bench.

With the exception of the morbid humor out of the reach of satirist Penn, Barrett’s nomination announcement at the Rose Garden on September 26 turned into a genocide. As the party’s elite gasped for nomination, their excited crossbreath carried the viral load that defeated the Republican National Committee chairman, campaign manager, and finally three senators.

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In the face of it, this eliminates the majority of the Senate needed to nominate Barrett. The Russian agent in the teapot would not have been deadly anymore.

With or without Barrett, the Supreme Court is dragged in to resolve the disputed outcome, but probably not if it was first thrown into Congress. And not only because the electoral college is united, but recently the possibilities have expanded.Another way Congress chooses a president is outlined by Lawrence Douglas, a professor at Amherst College and author of the 2020 book. Will he go?

His scenario is that Biden has a lead of 250-240 in electoral college votes at midnight, but in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the number of mail votes is very slow. Republicans claim that tens of thousands are abandoned due to misplaced dates and initials. Eventually, the legislatures of the three states (all Republicans) submit to Congress the names of the electors who have pledged to Trump. However, the governor (all Democrats) submits the names of those who have pledged to Biden.


Congress must choose. The election evolves into a battle between the Democratic Party and the Republican Senate (unless the Democratic Party wins four seats). According to some lawyers, this will anticipate further consideration of the Supreme Court’s elections.

On the other hand, on the street?

Trump’s repeated failures in favor of a peaceful transfer of power turn an abundance of scammers into Munich scammers. Even Victor Oban of Hungary and the National Rally of France have never nodded to the providers of street violence.

If Biden wins the popularity poll, but Trump is elected by an electoral college or parliament, protests can occur. Trump has stockpiled ammunition for this showdown in recent months and ordered his hairy militia of a biker who is eager to wield an off-duty police officer, a former military, and a collection of guns. Respond by. “Please stop and wait.”

Will the Joint Chiefs of Staff be ordered by the puzzled White House to use the military to subdue a pair of protesters? The relationship between the Commander-in-Chief and his military is another feature of the system that can be tested in this most bizarre election.

Better for the country is a clear Biden victory.Uncontested results as sweet as Norman Rockwell covers The· Saturday Evening Post.

It will continue to smolder the Trump army. There is a contest to lead this movement. This is a populist white supremacist urge that began with Trump taking over the Republican Party in 2016. It may be between Ivanka and Don Jr., the succession drama of the mob family. Or go to an outsider such as Fox frontman Tucker Carlson, who has 4 million viewers.

The winner struck the 2024 primary, which promised to regain the country in a sanctified red hat, and voters were frightened by Biden’s successor, the black man and the booting woman. It will mobilize the base.

Bob Carr is the longest-serving Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister in New South Wales.

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Bob Carr is New South Wales’ longest-serving Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister of Australia. He is a professor of climate and business industry at the University of Technology Sydney.

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