The witch season is much better than the real thing

I’ve never seen it until recently Halloween III: Witch Season.. know. blasphemy.. All of us had blind spots, which was one of mine. When I finally looked at it, I realized that the movie I was thinking of was far from the actual movie. Why did this happen? why? And what did I think of it all? Let’s enter.

Released in 1982 Witch season John Carpenter and Debra Hill Halloween An anthology series focusing on the holiday itself, not a franchise related to Michael Myers. As a result, Myers appears easily, but only appears in the footage of the original movie, which is also a movie in this world. In the end, the experiment failed, the movie didn’t work, and Myers returned to the franchise a few years later and never left.

As a kid raised in all the iconic slashers, Michael’s lack discouraged me Witch season.. For nearly 40 years, one was that Michael wasn’t there, as there were some things I knew about this movie. Two, nevertheless, some fans think it’s the best Halloween Franchise; And the third is a special feature on children in Halloween masks.

The third point is that everything went wrong. You see, even though I’ve never seen a movie, the basic understanding of the movie came from a piece of pop culture art that I saw based on it. Art like these works by Tom Whalen or Dave Perillo. Art depicting three children wearing Halloween masks walking around.

Those images made me believe Witch season About three children wearing Halloween masks killed people. Chucky’s predecessor. Pay tribute to the young Michael of the original movie.Almost from rock, shock, barrel Nightmare Before ChristmasBut in a real horror movie. Of course, I now know that it’s not the content of the movie. However, the fact that I created an alternative version of the movie based on that pop culture expression seemed noteworthy.

actually, Witch season It’s not a horror movie, it’s a detective mystery. It follows Dan Charis (Tom Atkins), a doctor whose patient dies mysteriously and horribly, and he then decides to investigate it with his daughter, Erie (Stacey Nerkin). The investigation takes them to the home of a toy company called Silver Shamrock, a remote town in Santa Mira, California. A few days before Halloween, Silver Shamrock makes the most popular Halloween mask in the world. When we get there, not everything is as expected, and Dan and Erie reveal an ominous conspiracy, including this year’s mask.

Without a link to a larger franchise, it would be difficult to call Witch season horror film. The main “horror” moment in the film is when a Silver Shamrock employee hollows out his eyes or pops out the victim’s head. The most terrifying moment is when Dan and Erie are completely non-existent and become romantic due to the huge age difference.

This looks scary, but believe us, it’s not. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

Being relatively tame in the horror movies of the time is not necessarily a bad thing. There are several benefits to overturning those expectations in place of the larger, supernatural mystery. The method by director Tommy Lee Wallace to plant an unforgettable silver shamrock jingle throughout is particularly effective and almost Pavlovian. From the man on fire to the entire town connected by video surveillance, strange events are slowly and steadily being built, which keeps viewers interested and guessing. Obviously, the movie is hellishly cheesy, but even if you want a little more action, horror, or bloodshed, everything that’s happening keeps you fully engaged.

I personally? I just waited for these masks to start hijacking the kids, so they went on a huge murder rampage (which was great). Instead, after about an hour of plotting a rather monotonous, entertaining plot, the action finally begins and you learn the actual plan. For kids around the world to go in front of the TV at 9pm on Halloween night. With their masks, and coded TV commercials to start microchips with masks and kill them. Basically, the company wants to kill all the kids in the world for some common, weird, sacrifices.

This is the place I actually explore because it’s at the heart of the whole movie and at the same time incredibly ridiculous. But some of the stupid things are covered in the movie. For example, the owner of Silver Shamrock, Cochrane (Dan O’Harry), is said to be one of the wealthiest men in the world. So it makes sense to dive his company, life, and town by killing all the children around the world for a purpose greater than money. Also, in the early 1980s, movies aren’t easily accessible, so it’s not easy to watch a popular movie on TV on Halloween night and ask kids to wait for a “big gift” afterwards. I’m also perfectly fine with the super-random idea that Silver Shamrock stole a magical rock from Stonehenge to help with these rituals. It’s ridiculous, but so is the movie.

Things are becoming buggies. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

First of all, why only three masks? Do they really expect every child in the world to wear the same few masks?What about princesses, baseball players, or kids who want to be? Star Wars character? Just wearing three scary masks seems to seriously limit the chances of killing a child. (In the movie, everyone wears one of those masks, so I don’t think it’s a problem.)

My second complaint is related to the time zone. As the movie enters Halloween Day, the movie very intentionally shows that children across the United States are wearing masks. If the “big present” is 9 pm, it may hit the east coast first. If so, shouldn’t these kids die everywhere in the news by the time Dan understands everything in California? There’s literally no reason to have a movie shown in California, so simply changing the location to something like New Jersey will solve this problem. It’s Halloween again. Especially at night, we expect children to do trick or treats.If the prize is 9 pm, after the TV broadcast HalloweenYou can guess the movie that started at 7 pm. Aside from the lack of movie accessibility and golden time TV advertising fees, starting a movie at 7pm isn’t cut into trick or treat. We will start at 10 pm and give presents at midnight. Anyway, it’s scary at midnight! (But it’s probably past the bedtime of many little kids, and oh, why am I still going?)

I completely and gladly admit that these are very stupid and very boring complaints. But when my killer kid movie fantasy began to disappear into the reality of the movie, which wasn’t so thinly obscured as a commentary on holiday commercialism and the evil of the mass media, they were all I was thinking of. .. understood. It’s bad for you to buy the junk you see on TV. I’m all about social critiques of genre movies, but this seemed a bit snorting.

The end of Halloween III. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

Oh, and if that’s not enough, the movie breaks off with a cliffhanger who doesn’t know if Dan was successful. A gas station watching TV in a very reliable scene where he gained an important member of the TV network on the phone and succeeded in shutting down a large broadcast because they needed to trust him Followed by the children who stopped by. None of that makes sense. I’m looking for ambiguity, but in this case it feels like a cop to this smart plan we’ve been watching for 90 minutes. If Silver Shamrock is going to win, take a look at them. If Dan intends to succeed, take a look at it. If you don’t tell me either way, nothing will be added except frustration.

At this point, you asked, “Did you hate me? Witch season Did you imagine it was another, virtually better movie? If you say “yes” or “no” clearly, you will lie. On the one hand, expectations almost always have some effect. On the other hand, even when I realized that the movie wasn’t what I expected, I had it long enough to be ready for a place to take me. I gave him as many chances as I could imagine. I wanted to love it, I just didn’t like it. Even if there were about three murderous children with masks, it’s possible they didn’t like it at that time either.

I saw the facts in question Halloween III: Witch Season As a nasty detective novel with sporadic horror elements, it leads to confusing conclusions that offer little satisfaction or interest in the subject. Whether you expect it or not, it’s not very good. It’s no wonder Michael Myers is back. At least its whimsical presence was scary.

I have never bought these two together. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

Various muses:

  • I just died with Dan. He lied to his ex-wife about his relationship with Erie and hung up. It turns out that he bought 6 packs of beer for the trip. I think the movie portrays him as an alcoholic, but this one example is very cautious and never rewards. Do they drink the entire 6 packs on the road? Did they split it? I want to see those deleted scenes.
  • We know that the Silver Shamrock Mask is activated by a silver dollar-sized logo on the back that hides the killer technology. If I were a kid, I would have removed it right away. It was very troublesome. Did they explain this? Or did you have a silver shamrock mask like you own a Louis Vuitton bag?
  • When Marge, a woman next to Dan and Erie’s hotel, discovers a microchip and is killed, it is called a “misfire.” We speculate that this means a misfire of the laser that killed her. But I had no idea how the laser was considered. Does the laser get into the child’s head to kill the child? What do those lasers have to do with the last lasers that kill the Cochrane?
  • Are all of Santa Mira (except the random transients Dan meets) participating in this project? They all certainly trust The Cochrane, and it’s absolutely okay for these androids to run around. So did he promise them enlightenment or something?There is their Are the children going to be killed?
  • Oh yeah, android. It was very cool. I liked it.

Too many questions, very few answers.I will leave you this earworm, probably the best And The worst thing about the whole movie.

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The witch season is much better than the real thing

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