This cafe received scathing reviews for barista failure.Here’s what happened next

Barista Vari Desho was baffled last Saturday when two customers abruptly canceled their coffee orders and walked out of the southwest Sydney cafe where he works.
A few hours later, Nuriyah Cafe received a stern 1-star review on Google.
Customers said they were “warmly welcomed” but felt uneasy because of Mr. Desho’s “barking”.
Desho, 33, has Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that results in involuntary movements and noises (called tics).
“Unfortunately, a front of house team member was unwell, which we initially dismissed. I thought it would pass because it stopped completely when I stopped,’ said the person. he wrote to google.
“Unfortunately, things got worse after that and it got louder and more constant. , had to reluctantly cancel the order and walk away.”

The person had no choice but to go out, adding that the tics were “getting worse, louder and more constant.”

We are here to make a living and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Valli Deshaw

Desho, who has been a barista for eight years, told SBS News he was upset. It’s not about comments about his condition, it’s about how negative reviews affect your business.
“They didn’t eat, they didn’t drink coffee, they didn’t even have a glass of water…so why would you give a 1 star review? It’s barking That’s what made me angry,” he said.
“We’re here to make a living and make people smile.”

About 1 in 100 children in Australia has Tourette’s Syndrome, and the severity of the tics varies from person to person.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to work”

Nuria Cafe owner Adam Karkaty said he was “thrilled” to hear comments about Deshaw, who is one of the best employees and likes him like a brother.
“They bravely participated and left one star because Valli had a disability, which was not fair or right,” said Kirkaty.

After receiving more negative feedback from another customer about Deshaw on Monday, a disgusted Kirkaty published a one-star review on social media to raise awareness about Tourette’s syndrome.

“We stand by this no matter what and make sure everyone is aware that if a customer is not happy, they don’t have to walk through our door. I’m trying,” he said.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to work.”

“We are all silent”

Since I posted my review, Nuriyah Cafe has received tremendous support from the community, with hundreds of people loving the cafe’s stance on inclusion in the workplace.

Ironically, the 1-star review is what got Desho’s patrons to visit the café despite the negative feedback he received.
“I honestly came this morning after reading your post [Nuriyah Cafe] Made yesterday because of how much it broke my heart… your food and service never deliver! And a big thank you to my friend who brewed me a beautiful cup of coffee,” one patron shared online.
“he [Mr Desho] A wonderful person with a warm heart. My family and I went for a beautiful lunch and had a wonderful was so much fun and everything was divine [sic]’ wrote another.

Kirkaty said he was shocked to see the amount of love his team received for defending Deshaw.

“We have people messaging us every second telling us how much they support our business and how they didn’t know about us and now they will definitely come.
“It’s been amazing. The amount of support we’ve gotten… Honestly, I’m speechless and we’re all speechless.”
Desho said he didn’t mind some of the negative comments he received, but it was a good opportunity to raise awareness about hiring people with disabilities.
“We’re doing this to raise awareness, not just about Tourette’s disease, but about everything else. It’s not just about me or Adam about what the business is doing,” he said. rice field.

“Give everyone a chance. Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you can’t work 100%.”

This cafe received scathing reviews for barista failure.Here’s what happened next

Source link This cafe received scathing reviews for barista failure.Here’s what happened next

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