‘This is 100% Mobilization’: Day 1 of Russia’s Commitment to Military Building | Russia

S.A summons delivered to eligible men in the middle of the night. School teachers pressured them to hand out notices of the draft. A man given one hour to pack up and show up at the recruitment center.Women sobbing as they send their husbands and sons to war in Russia Ukraine.

the first full day of Russia’s first mobilization after World War II create an emotional confrontation at the draft center, even signs of protest, Russia appears to be considering far more than the 300,000 new conscripts claimed by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

A woman from a small village in the Zakamensky region of Buryatia in eastern Siberia said she first felt something was wrong when her dog started barking in the middle of the night.

In a community of 450 people, the mayor went from house to house, trying to hand out more than 20 draft notices. When the men gathered before leaving the next morning, some drank vodka, hugged each other and told each other to stay safe. I signed.

Activists in Buryatia said they did not understand why local officials were so aggressively recruiting. Photo: Ayuna Shagdurova

“This is not partial mobilization, it is 100% mobilization,” said Alexandra Garmazapova, president of the Free Buryatia Foundation, an activist group that reported on local conscription. The day before, she and her colleagues had received and identified more than 3,000 reports, she said. Povestkaor draft papers delivered within just 24 hours in the Republic of Buryatia. Vladimir Putin Publish draft.

Despite the assurance that Russia Activists said they were looking for men with recent military service and combat experience, pointing to the many cases of men in their 50s receiving draft notices.

One woman said a 52-year-old relative had received the povestka just before the president announced the draft the day before.

man pours vodka into cup
When the men gathered before leaving Zakamensk, some drank vodka, others hugged each other and told each other to stay safe. Photo: Ayuna Shagdurova

Yanina Nimayeva, a journalist from Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, complained that her husband, 38, had received a draft notice despite having never served in the military.

“‘Don’t you have five children?’ they asked him. My husband laughed and said, ‘Yes, five children.’ “Well, OK, expect your draft papers,” she said.

“I understand that there is a quota. Our republic needs to raise 4,000 soldiers,” Nimaeva said in a video addressed to local governors. “However, some parameters and principles of this partial mobilization must be adhered to.”

In a television interview on Wednesday, Shoigu said Russia was targeting 300,000 conscripts. However, the actual number of orders signed by President Putin is a secret.

Some believe it could be much higher.Russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europe Russia is looking to recruit more than 1 million people into its military, a source at the president’s office said. The report has not been confirmed by other news outlets.

However, videos and anecdotal evidence around Russia show large-scale drafts taking place even in small towns, suggesting that the numbers could be much higher.

Many of them live in Russian minority republics, reinforcing the sense that this country has been around for a long time. Over-reliance on ethnic minorities to provide a major fighting force in UkraineThese regions also suffered a disproportionate number of casualties from the war.

Cows crossing a quiet road in Zakamensk
Towns such as Zakamensk have reported large numbers of men being conscripted, reinforcing the sense that Russia’s “minority republics” are being disproportionately relied upon to fight in Ukraine. Photo: Ayuna Shagdurova

In Neryungri, Sakha’s second-largest town, also known as Yakutia, video footage shows dozens of men gathering at the Gornyak football stadium and boarding buses to the recruitment center as families tearfully say goodbye. seemed to be Most of them were men in their 30s and 40s.

“They have already distributed draft notices to workers in Colmar and Mecher,” said the activist who posted the video. “They were putting out draft notices all night.”

In Dagestan, a video has emerged showing people in a recruitment center angrily confronting officials who support conscription.

Officials said her son had been fighting in Ukraine since February.

“You are fighting for your children’s future,” an anonymous woman shouted to a crowd outside City Hall.

“We don’t have a present, what kind of future are you talking about?” replied a man in the crowd.

A man queuing for a draft bus in Buryatia
Some men were reportedly given an hour’s notice to pack their bags. Photo: Ayuna Shagdurova

in Moscow, Hundreds of people gathered to protest on downtown Arbat Street after Putin announced the mobilizationPolice officers reportedly began handing out draft notices to those detained at the protest.

Among them was Artem Krieger, a young reporter for the Sota Vision news outlet.

“All the men, absolutely all, got draft notices,” Krieger said during an interview with TV Rain from the back of a police van. It also included a man who needed to appear at a recruitment center, he said.

In a phone call with journalists, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov appeared to confirm that police were handing detainees draft notices. .

The breadth of mobilization across Russia is staggering. One video showed more than 100 of his conscription cadets lined up behind an An-12 plane at the Kulba airport in the Khabarovsk region of the Far East.

In Buryatia, activists said they could not understand why local officials were so aggressive in recruiting, with students from local universities receiving draft notices while sitting in class.

According to Garmazapova, the local governor was keen to meet the quota “more like a schoolboy than a schoolteacher, Putin.”

Another theory, she said, was that it was done to “punish the Buryatians.”

‘This is 100% Mobilization’: Day 1 of Russia’s Commitment to Military Building | Russia

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