Trevor Noah Mourns the Loss of His Grandma

Trevor Noah was mourning lost to his 95-year-old grandmother, Gogo, who was laid to rest on May 12. “Now our family sleeps with the oldest member of our family, Frances Noah, or as we often call him, Gogo,” Noah revealed on Instagram on Thursday. The proclamation featured a video of Noah smiling as he sat next to his grandmother when she asked, “How could I have been so close to the picture when I had no teeth?”

Remembering some great moments with his grandfather, the host of “Daily Show” wrote a heartfelt tribute to Gogo. “My grandmother was born in 1927 and even though she was 95, she still remembers the best of us all,” she said. “Every moment spent with him feels like a journey until the time when he will repeat all the family’s joys, failures, accomplishments and values. His home in Soweto does not It is a house, a place of refuge, a place of rest for the women to come when they have no other place to go, a place where community members gather to pray. Every week, the place where everyone is guaranteed to feel the love out of his chest is strong. “

“I cried every week celebrating the best ‘movie’ I had ever watched. A story that started with my first breath and ended with his last.”

Fans of “The Daily Show” can recognize Gogo from the 2018 episode when Noah visits his hometown of Soweto, Johannesburg, for “MTV Cribs” – the inspired episode called “Cribs: Oppression Edition.” With Noah’s mother, Patricia Noah, Gogo helped raise him when he was growing up in Soweto. During that time, Noah and his grandmother had an open discussion Apartheid, an organization of racial segregation that existed in South Africa between the 1940s and 1990s. Gogo also reveals that he has a childhood picture of Noah that he mentions every day. “I always look at that picture … and I pray every morning when I look at it, ‘Morning, Trevor!’ And he never answered! ” he joked.

Thanks to the fans for their support in the media, Noah said, “I know many of you have loved Gogo from afar and I thank you for the mourning and the blessing that you have sent in his memory. I cried every week Celebrate the best ‘movie’ I have ever watched. A story that starts with my first breath and ends with his last. A woman who taught me the truth of hopeless love. She passed away peacefully in her sleep and even blessed us with one last Mother’s Day which she enjoyed to the fullest. ”

Noah concludes by asking his grandparents in Zulu: “Hamba Kahle Gogo.”

Trevor Noah Mourns the Loss of His Grandma Source link Trevor Noah Mourns the Loss of His Grandma

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