Tritium teases a radical redesign of the new EV charger to be launched in November

Australian charger Tritium has made fun of the new charger, which will be available next month. Tritium says it will announce the latest innovations in EV charging technology.

As we know, tritium is already leading with a 350kW charger with a Veefil-PK system. Used in Australia and around the world, EV owners can quickly charge their vehicles.

With a compatible car, you can get an additional range of 350km in just 10 minutes. According to Tritium, the platform can be scaled up to 475kW, but it seems overkill given that Australia hasn’t yet sold a car that can take advantage of 350kW.

Tritium has already been very successful, but they continue to invest in research and development, saying the new charger was designed from scratch.

The teaser images used in tweets and websites show a terrible, rugged charger with a serious angle, like waiting for Elon Musk to get caught in a cybertrack.

The next-generation charger is a megacharger-style charger that can provide enough power to quickly charge not only passenger cars, but also vehicles with semi-trucks and high-capacity batteries, with a much higher charging rate. May promote.

As fast as electric vehicles are advancing, so is the charging infrastructure that powers electric vehicles. Currently, installing a quick charger is still very expensive, so it’s great for Tritium and other companies to find ways to scale and reduce that cost.

The last line of the teaser image is really interesting .. “To ensure that we provide a great experience and enhance your reputation.” What does that mean? Given the positive momentum built around electric vehicles, companies installing charging infrastructure are undoubtedly gaining popularity.

It would certainly be an interesting development if Tritium could find a way to expand its adoption in the business, such as a leasing or subscription model that reduces upfront costs, and could account for part of the billing profit.

In a previous post about the launch event, tritium provided a very mysterious clue: “Charge every day, all day, regardless of temperature.” This suggests that the new charger will work in extreme temperatures in both hot and cold weather.

Tritium teases a radical redesign of the new EV charger to be launched in November

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