Trump, a great disguiser, loses to microbes

It’s upset to see the president and the first lady face a deadly threat — and the delight and memes from some on the left were vulgar — reality clashing with the stars of the previous reality. I couldn’t deny that.


New York Times Master businessman, Trump’s mischief exposed.Even when he was starting to stride apprentice To the song For the love of money According to The O’Jays in 2004, he had filed a tax return reporting a net loss of $ 89.9 million. The gold leaf barely covered the rot.

“Even if American TV viewers consider him a savvy businessman with Midas Touch, red ink spills from everywhere.” Times “The show’s big reputation meant that everyone wanted part of the Trump brand, and he seized the opportunity to rent it. $ 500,000 to sell Double Stafuoleo, to sell Domino’s Pizza. Had an additional $ 500,000 and $ 850,000 to push the laundry detergent. “

There was a Trump seminar on wealth, and Midas myths drove crude political newcomers to the White House. But in the year Trump took office and his first year as president, he paid only $ 750 in federal income tax.

The debate last Tuesday pierced another reality that Trump had been hitting Fox for months. His opponent was an additional shell that needed performance pills to stand on the podium, and Trump stepped in like a colossus and covered him with the Trinity. Instead, an ugly reality was seen by everyone. Trump was agile, capricious and awkward, and Joe Biden was fine. Trump was vulgar in everything from white supremacists to Hunter Biden’s addiction, and Biden was decent.


And in the end, the Oval Office scammers couldn’t scam the virus. He ridiculed the safety measures recommended by his own government, set aside Dr. Anthony Fauci, weakened him, and put his mask on the weakness of the Blue State.

“I don’t wear a mask like him,” Trump ridiculed Biden in a fierce debate in Cleveland. “Every time you look at him, he has a mask.

“He could be talking 200 feet away, and he appears with the largest mask I’ve ever seen,” continued the president.

Members of the Trump family sitting in the front row followed the patriarch’s example. They abandoned the masks during the debate and ignored the requirement that they keep them.


Given his indifference to the issue of safeguards combined with his age, weight and ambitious travel schedule, it seemed inevitable that Trump would become infected. He seemed strangely keen on seducing fate. Indeed, he endangered many fans, especially the oldest fans of the most vulnerable demographics (like Herman Cain, who died at COVID after attending a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma).

Even for Trump, it was a surprisingly arrogant act asking his base to choose between paying homage to him or saving their own lives.

As Nancy Pelosi told Stephanie Roule at MSNBC on Friday morning, “When I entered the unmasked crowd, everything else was a brave invitation to this happen. It happened. It’s sad, but nevertheless, it’s a wise approach to what this virus is. “

But now that it has happened, it creates a disturbing situation. How does the White House deal with a sick president who specializes in secrets and lies, wrapped in secrets and lies?

When the president was taken to the Walter Reed Medical Center last Saturday, the public didn’t know what had happened. Reporters said they didn’t know all the underlying circumstances of Trump.

Whitehouse officials tried to reassure him on Friday by saying that the president’s symptoms were “mild,” but things happened when Whitehouse doctor Sean Conley made a statement late in the afternoon when Trump said. I was drinking an experimental antibody cocktail that was clear that could be serious.

Democrats tried to be kind. On Friday, the Biden campaign suspended negative advertising, and Barack Obama is still an American, despite participating in a “many problematic” battle in a virtual fundraising campaign. I want to check with everyone about my health. “(At the same time, the Trump campaign issued an attack on” lyin’Obama. “)

For a long time, I was surprised that Trump didn’t look sick during the campaign or in the office and had extraordinary energy for a 74-year-old man who ate junk food and skipped the gym. He was a great ad for not smoking or drinking. So it was amazing to see Trump go out, finally put on his mask and waving when he took off for Walter Reed. The election is just one month away, and the next presidential debate is scheduled for two weeks.

A photo from Rose Garden on September 26 shouts Superspreader. There are Mask Restaurant and Maskless Republican, Maskless President of the University of Notre Dame, and lots of hugs, kisses and handshakes. The Senate Judicial Commissioner Republicans Mike Leigh and Thom Tillis were there. On Friday, they said they tested positive for the virus, as Kellyanne Conway, a former top aide to Trump, and John Jenkins of the University of Notre Dame did. Everyone was in the Rose Garden that day. Trump’s campaign manager Bill Steppin also tested positive. Three White House reporters also report a positive test.


After British leader Boris Johnson fought a life-threatening battle with COVID earlier this year, he tends to leave the hospital and accept scientific advice, ready to take more restrictive measures than before. Was there. The beginning of a pandemic. But he was still torn between his medical adviser and his cabinet Tories. They deeply opposed another blockade for fear that it could destroy the economy.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported that Trump was “eerie” and “alert” for being infected with the virus. It is impossible to know how or even if this disease will change the president. But hopefully it changed his skeptics, this vicious microbe is really contagious, Trump is not invincible, and therefore they are not, it is wise to crowd together at the rally No, it will make them realize that it is important to wear a mask, and not everything disappears like a miracle.

New York Times

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