Trump pushes a faithful Pompeo, bar for dirt used against Biden

Barr weighed in a way that pleased Trump in many criminal cases, including the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and longtime best friend Roger Stone, but two notable investigations. Has not generated the harmful information that the president has so far sought.

“Honestly, Bilber will either resign as the greatest Attorney General in the history of the country, or in a very sad situation,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business Network last week.

Loyalist: Attorney General William

Trump’s comment Newsmax Following the report Washington post A federal tapped by a bar to investigate whether Obama-era officials inappropriately demanded “unmasking” American names in intelligence reports (including those related to Russian investigations). Prosecutors did not find a major case of fraud.

“I’m not happy with all the evidence I have, I can tell you that,” Trump said when asked about the report. “I’m not happy.”

The president said it was “too early” when asked if he was willing to keep the bar, even with Trump’s second term.

Bar was in New Mexico on Wednesday, where he brought a message of presidential law and order to warn those who said he wanted to cut police budgets.

I was angry with a question about Hillary Clinton's email release: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

I was angry with a question about Hillary Clinton’s email release: US Secretary of State Mike

“If you want to be safe, and you’re tired of the blood and mayhem on the street, you have to pay attention to who you vote for,” Barr said.

The failure of the “unmasking” investigation was the second disappointment for the Justice Department president, at least in the last few weeks, and was recently added to other perceived setbacks and criticisms from senior officials.

According to Justice Department officials, Connecticut’s federal prosecutor, John Durham, is a carefully selected prosecutor to investigate the origins of the 2016 Russian investigation, prosecuting and publishing reports before the election. It is no longer expected to do. Mr. Trump reiterated that a review of the Obama administration’s actions in late 2016 and early 2017 should be prosecuted against former President Barack Obama and Biden, among other things, for “spying” his campaign. I am.


As another sign of the difference between Mr. Trump and his top executives, FBI Secretary Christopher A. Wray said Russia is still the United States, despite Mr. Trump often saying that China is of greater concern. He reiterates that it is the greatest foreign threat to elections.

Chad Wolf, the president’s choice to lead the Department of Homeland Security, said last month that white supremacists were “the most permanent and deadly” to the United States from within the country, despite the president’s focus on left-wing protesters. It is a threat.

Pompeo, the longest-serving member of Trump’s National Security Cabinet, has found himself in an unusual position to respond to the president’s public criticism after he and Barr were elected last week.

At a press conference at the State Department on Wednesday, Pompeo asked whether making a political bid for President Clinton in an email would violate the Hatch Act, which limits political activity during employment for civil servants. I snapped to the reporter. .. Trump has long led the “Rock Harup” chanting to Clinton by using a private mail server during his time as Secretary of State.

“Release of email for transparency does not violate hatch law,” Pompeo replied. “That’s a silly question.”

According to Pompeo, the department’s recent delay in sending messages for a long time since issuing about 35,000 emails during Clinton’s tenure was due to staffing issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is.

“We will continue to work to identify the material, examine it, review it, and make the right decisions for the American people,” Pompeo said. “And transparency, we do-that’s what we’ve been doing as Secretary of State for two and a half years. That’s what we do every day until I’m no longer Secretary of State.”

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Trump pushes a faithful Pompeo, bar for dirt used against Biden

Source link Trump pushes a faithful Pompeo, bar for dirt used against Biden

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