Trump reports “no symptoms” and returns to disregarding the virus

Meanwhile, Trump was working on the next political step just four weeks after the election day. Trump, who is still infected with the virus, is anxious for the strength of the project and will attend a debate with Democrat Joe Biden in Miami next week. “.

Biden said he and Trump “should not argue” as long as the president is positive about COVID.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden talks to media members after visiting Gettysburg and before boarding a campaign

“I’m looking forward to discussing him,” Biden told reporters in Pennsylvania, but “we must follow very strict guidelines.”

Elsewhere in the government, the extent of the outbreak has not yet been clarified. On Tuesday, the country’s top military leaders, including General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General John Heiten, Vice Chairman, were quarantined after being exposed to Admiral Charles Ray, Deputy Commander of the Coast Guard. Was done. ..

It was unclear how Ray was infected with the virus, but he attended a military family-friendly event at the White House on September 27th. The Coast Guard said in a statement that Ray had mild symptoms over the weekend and was examined on Monday.

Also positive on Tuesday was Miller, the president’s restrictive immigration designer, top policy adviser and Trump’s speechwriter. This year she was in Salt Lake City with Pence, preparing to discuss Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, but soon left after learning of her husband’s diagnosis. She was negative on Tuesday.

Mr. Trump revealed on Monday that he had little intention of adhering to the best containment practices when he removed his mask before entering the White House after being discharged from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. When he entered the Blue Room without covering his face, he saw an aide waiting.

Trump’s attitude surprised infectious disease experts. And it suggested that his own illness did not cause him to reconsider his often Cavalier attitude towards the illness, which also infected the First Lady and White House aides and associates over a dozen.

Republican Senator Susan Collins said on Tuesday, “When I saw him unmasked on the balcony of the White House, I couldn’t help but think he was infected with COVID-19 and sent the wrong signal there. There were many people in his direct circle who had the virus. “

Mr. Trump mistakenly suggested that the virus resembles seasonal flu.

“Every year, many people, sometimes over 100,000, die of the flu despite the vaccine,” he tweeted. “Are we going to close the country? No, we learned to live with it in most groups, just as we learned to live with COVID !!!”

In fact, COVID-19 has already proven to be a more powerful killer than seasonal flu, especially among the elderly, and shows signs of long-term effects on the health of infected young people. .. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that influenza caused far fewer annual deaths than Trump said — between 12,000 and 61,000 annually since 2010.

Mr. Trump was working in a temporary office space on the ground floor of a White House residence, right next to the White House Medical Unit’s office suite. The West Wing was almost empty, as many Trump aides were sick or quarantined after being exposed to people infected with the virus, or worked remotely as a precautionary measure.

The First Lady Melania Trump was isolated on the second floor of the White House. On Tuesday, her office adopted extensive health and safety precautions in the administration building, including adopting a hospital-grade disinfection policy, encouraging “maximum telecommuting”, and installing additional disinfection and filtration systems. I published a memo outlining. Residence staff in direct contact with the first family are tested daily and support staff are tested every 48 hours. And since the president and Mrs. Trump tested positive, staff have been wearing “full PPE.”


Despite the bright talk about Trump’s illness, his doctor urged him to experimental antivirals and prescribed an aggressive course of steroids that would not be available to the average patient himself. Treatment was far from typical. On Tuesday he was to receive his final dose of the antiviral drug remdesivir. It was unclear if the powerful steroid dexamethasone prescribed on Saturday was still being administered after he suffered a second drop in his blood oxygen levels for days.

Dr. Conley said on Monday that he was in an “undeveloped territory” due to an abnormal level of treatment very early after the discovery of Trump’s illness, and Trump was completely “in the forest” for another week. He added that he wouldn’t be “outside.”

Coronaviruses can be unpredictable, and Conley points out that as the body reacts, the coronavirus can become more dangerous. He said on weekends that days 7-10 could be “most important in determining the possible course of the disease.”

There were also protracted questions about the potential long-term consequences for the president, and even when he was first infected with the virus. Conley repeatedly refused to share the results of Trump’s lung medical scans, saying he couldn’t freely discuss the information because he didn’t relinquish the confidentiality of the doctor and the patient on the matter. Did.


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