Two new solutions and partnership with Aible

Dell Boomi introduces two new services, a solution and a partnership with Aible to provide business users with AI insights.


AtomSphere Go, a self-service purchasing solution, and Project LightSpeed, a personalized data synchronization solution designed for non-technical users with Boomi’s intelligence and platform services.

The new product offers a new way to leverage the Boomi AtomSphere platform and extensions that allow users to easily leverage and reduce time to value while reducing costs, freeing resources and driving business. I will.

“Speed, ease of use, and productivity are at the heart of Boomi’s DNA and permeate what we do as a company. IPaaS moves from a simple cloud integration tool to the underlying technology of digital transformation. As it evolved, Boomi grew its platform and exceeded the needs of customers across the industry, “said Ed Macosky, Boomi’s product head.

“These new consumption options and platform enhancements enable our customers to innovate, drive projects faster than ever, and meet ever-changing business needs.”

AtomSphere Go

A new edition that creates a dedicated self-service purchasing experience that gives developers access to all the features of the AtomSphere platform that best suits their needs.

Customers have unlimited user, connectivity, integration, and workflow access to a variety of services including integration, flow, API management, master data hub, and B2B / EDI management.

AtomSphere Go offers a pay-as-you-go model available for monthly or annual subscriptions. This includes support, training, certification, and access to the Boomiverse community and all its content.

AtomSphere Go is generally released in 2021.

Project LightSpeed

Project LightSpeed ​​uses intelligence to analyze metadata from over 12,000 customers and merge insights with your applications and data to automatically generate a data synchronization solution for your use. Create a.

Project LightSpeed ​​is the time to configure and deploy common hub-and-spoke style data synchronization projects by automating most of the difficult and time-consuming tasks such as data analysis, model definition, and field-level mapping. And reduce complexity.


The partnership with Aible will enable companies to drive AI projects from data acquisition to model development, deployment and user engagement all at low code without the need for deep data science expertise.

Aible focuses on abstracting the complexity of AI model development, putting AI in the hands of business users and creating business impact.

This partnership will allow business users to leverage data to leverage data, quickly deploy AI solutions without code, enhance AI-driven insights, and free data scientists to tackle more complex issues. It is expected that we can do it.

This partnership combines Boomi’s experience in solving data challenges for global companies with Aible’s data science expertise to provide business users with end-to-end insights.

Collaborative customers have the ability to prepare new data, connect AI models to any data source, and prepare data to build, train, and deploy new AI models without writing a single line of code. Is available.

Boomi’s connector with Aible is now available through the Boomi Aible Early Access Program. The program includes i) a custom AI model for specific business use cases, and ii) a custom BluePrint that enables the spread of AI. Organization-wide model, and iii) Required support from Boomi and Aible throughout the process from start to deployment.

Two new solutions and partnership with Aible

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