Two Sydney GPs urging patients to be tested for the latest local case of COVID-19

NSW Health has not disclosed the number of staff or patients currently quarantined for these cases, but Deputy Chief Health Officer Jeremy McAnulty said at this time that these cases are known to other clusters. Said it was not relevant.


However, the contact tracer was able to link other cases.

The remaining five were members of the same household in southwestern Sydney. According to Dr. McCanarty, these cases were revealed through a previously reported cluster study of four cases, including a nurse at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

“Five new cases provide associations between four previous unrelated cases, including nurses at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and a previously reported population of five associated with Liverpool Hospital in southwest Sydney. I can advise you on that, “he said.

“This means that the 14 people reported from October 8th to today are linked.”

One of the cases reported on Tuesday was a disabled support worker working with seven clients in three group homes in southwest Sydney, and contact tracing was underway, Dr. McCanarty said.

Another new case went to the Great Beginnings Oran Park Child Care Center on October 1, 2, 8 and 9 while infected. The center has been closed and contact tracing has begun.

The number of tests is still low, with 8609 tests up to 8 pm on Monday up from 7391 the day before.

A spokeswoman for NSW Health said, “Recently, the number of tests has decreased. This is a concern because it limits the ability to detect people infected with COVID-19 early and further control the infection. “.

NSW Health especially wants people in southern and southwest Sydney to come forward for testing, and a new pop-up clinic has been opened at the Lakemba United Church.

“If you have the mildest symptoms, such as a runny nose, itchy throat, cough, fever, or other possible COVID-19 symptoms, proceed to the test immediately,” a spokeswoman said.

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Rachel Clan is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Two Sydney GPs urging patients to be tested for the latest local case of COVID-19

Source link Two Sydney GPs urging patients to be tested for the latest local case of COVID-19

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