U.S. Elections: Trump Attacks Biden’s Mental Health at Pennsylvania Rally

Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that Joe Biden has been mentally “shot” in his second campaign rally since his recovery from the coronavirus.

Talking to a crowded crowd of thousands in Pennsylvania’s fierce battle state on Tuesday night local time, the U.S. president ridiculed Democratic rivals for forgetting the names of Republican senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. ..

“He was shot, I hate telling people, he was shot,” Mr. Trump told the audience at John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Johnstown.

It was after the Republicans accused them of suffering from “dementia” in an early morning tweet storm. This is a term that Mr. Trump had previously avoided using when describing the other person.

“I know Biden can’t stand up to fanatics at his party,” he told the audience.

“He can’t even get out of stage without them. I’m playing against the worst candidate in political history. That puts more pressure on me. Can you imagine if I lose to a guy like this? “

Not a bit more exaggerated than his appearance in Florida on Monday, Mr. Trump went back and forth from a variety of topics, riffing his almost unchanged teleprompter speech.

He pointed out in a recent Gallup poll that 56% of Americans feel better today than they were four years ago. This is the first question Ronald Reagan asked in 1980.

Asked about Monday’s poll, Mr Biden said whether people believed he “probably shouldn’t vote.”

media_cameraThousands of supporters gathered at John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport. Photo: Sole robe / AFP

“Their memories are, frankly, not very good,” the former Vice President told WKRC in Cincinnati.

“Today is better than under Sleepy Joe and Obama,” Trump said, with 56% saying “it was the best of the presidents at this point in his term.”

“Yesterday Biden told 56% of Americans that he probably shouldn’t vote, and once I agree,” he said. “He doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

At some point, he has not aimed at Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in an attempt to establish an organization under the 25th Amendment that would allow the president to be dismissed if he became incapacitated. Suggested.

“She’s doing it for Biden, you know it,” he said.

He referred to Biden’s Guf clip and added that “only available on the Internet” is “surprising by the way.”

“They never report it,” he said, pointing to the media gathered. “They should report it. They are at great disadvantage to the country by not reporting it.”

Mr. Trump also boasted about his recovery from COVID-19, again claiming to be “immunized” and joking that he could kiss the audience.

“I could have stayed in the basement of the White House, but I’m the President of the United States, I can’t do that, I have to leave, and I meet people Must-I know it’s dangerous, “he said.

“Now I’m immune, they tell me, I’m immune. I was able to come down and start kissing everyone. Kiss all men and women. How handsome he is when he sees that guy. I kiss him, I don’t really enjoy it, but it’s okay. “

“They hate to say it because I had it,” Trump insisted.

“They said you were immune for the rest of your life, but when I get it, they give you four months,” he said, apparently in a new study by Harvard Medical School. Mentioned.

Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of having
media_cameraDonald Trump has accused Joe Biden of having “dementia.” Photo: Jim Watson / AFP

Mr. Trump also bragged about the level of treatment he received, as health care has emerged as an important election issue in comments that are likely to be seized by the Democratic Party.

“What I know is that I took something, whatever it was. I immediately felt better. I felt like a Superman,” he says. I did.

“One of the good things about becoming president is that if you don’t feel 100%, you have more doctors than you ever thought. There were about 14 people.”

Mr. Trump also updated the pitch to “suburban women,” the main demographic he is struggling to win, by claiming that Biden “destroys your suburbs.” ..

He argued that supporters would reduce barriers to racism, but critics argued that they had given excessive power to the federal government to direct zoning and land use, actively promoting fairness. He mentioned the regulation rollback of the Obama era known as housing.

“They talk about suburban women, they say,” I don’t know if suburban women like you, they may not like your way of speaking. ” But I’m about law and order, and I’m keeping you safe, “he said.

“I don’t want to build a low-income home next to your home.”

A woman in the suburbs “should want me more than anyone here tonight,” Trump said.

“I have destroyed your neighborhood and ended the regulations that caused crime in your suburbs,” he said.

“Ask me. Suburban women, can you like me? I saved your damn neighborhood, okay?”

Originally published as “He was shot”: Trump intensifies Biden’s attack

U.S. Elections: Trump Attacks Biden’s Mental Health at Pennsylvania Rally

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