U.S. plans to grow in cricket could have global impact

Despite the previously chaotic regime, the United States is already an important cricket market. Broadcast rights to ICC events in the United States are the fourth most favorable after South Asia, England and Australia. According to a survey, the United States has more than 10 million cricket followers and 150,000 players. USA Cricket’s ambition is to transform this fragmented, geographically diverse group (US cricket mini hotspots include New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Silicon Valley, etc.) from cricket fans to US cricket fans.

The creation of the first domestic national tournament of the year, the minor league T20, and the launch of the professional major league T20 tournament, which will feature overseas stars, are important steps on this journey. Investment in the men’s and women’s national teams is also increasing, with the hope of co-sponsoring the West Indies and the T20 World Cup in 2026. But all the greatest need is better infrastructure and equipment for training and play. ..

If a USA cricket job is promoted to full membership, it could be a moment of change. Revenues generated from the United States can undermine sports’ reliance on the Indian broadcast market, resulting in overexposure to the economic dents there.

The possibility of the United States reaching the World Cup could catalyze the ICC to make its global event more comprehensive. A competitive US team in a tournament can excite executives as Scotland and Ireland could never exist.

Promotions in the United States can also lead to broader progressive changes. Their votes will add influence to emerging markets and make more transparent decisions in games around the world. Given the country’s track record in women’s sports, strong US influence could also accelerate the growth of women’s games.


USA Cricket’s ambitions outline the future of the sport. The last teams to be promoted to full members in 2017, Afghanistan and Ireland, were enthusiastic about playing test cricket, but the United States currently has no ambition to do so. Instead, they intend to double down the T20. That is, instead of trying to do so with all three, we are trying to compete with traditional heavy weights in one form.

Cricket American Gambit is easily ridiculed. But the size and wealth of the United States is such that cricket does not have to steal baseball as an American bat-and-ball game of choice for teams to be consistently present at world events. Cricket’s hope is that the American dream is no longer a broken dream.

Telegraph, London

Place of originU.S. plans to grow in cricket could have global impact

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