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China’s ambassador to Australia said Ukraine’s history as a former Soviet territory “complicates” relations between Ukraine and Russia.

In a speech addressed to Canberra’s National Press Club on Wednesday, Ambassador Xiao Cheng said Russia’s war on Ukraine was no simple matter when asked why Beijing had not condemned the aggression.

“The two countries were once part of the former Soviet Union, so the relationship between the two countries is rather complicated,” he said.

“We will have bilateral talks at the table to find a political solution between the two countries.”

Shao accused the conflict in Eastern Europe of being between Russia and NATO, saying the Security Bloc had surrounded Moscow by expanding alliances.

“Russia has security concerns and a sense of being cornered again and again by NATO expansion, which is a departure from their promise not to,” he said. .

“We will hold negotiations between NATO members, the United States and Russia, to sit down and negotiate a comprehensive and sustainable security mechanism.”

The ambassador said Beijing has friendly relations with both Ukraine and Russia and will therefore maintain good relations with both countries.

“We certainly have a good relationship with Russia, but at the same time we have a very good relationship with Ukraine, and we have very deep cooperation in many areas, including technology,” Xiao said.

“There is no reason for us to favor one over the other or vice versa.”

The speech takes place amid the crisis in the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing launched 11 ballistic missiles at Taiwan in a mock attack last week after U.S. Chairman Nancy Pelosi visited the island.

China warns other countries to respect the one-China principle.

Ukraine-Russia war ‘complicated’: China | Persnow

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