Ukraine tenders land for Russian Embassy in Canberra after lease ends.Canberra

Ukraine seeks to acquire land in Canberra that may become available after the National Capital Authority. Ending Lease for Russian Embassy.

NCA said this week it canceled the lease because of its “use it or lose it” policy. More than a decade after the Russian building plan was approved, construction has not progressed.given by the metropolitan authorities Russia 20 days until the property is vacated.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Miroshnichenko, now wants to move to the Yarralumla compound for his country’s embassy.

Myroshnychenko said on Friday that he will formally apply to the NCA once he receives approval from the government.

“The Ukrainian government rents office space in the embassy building. “If we can get the land, that would be very nice.”

According to the NCA, the unfinished Russian production was an eyesore. In response, the Russian embassy said it had obtained legal advice on the decision.

The NCA said it was “inappropriate” to speculate about the process by which Ukraine would take over the site at this stage.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February and continues to put up fierce resistance as the war approaches six months.

The NCA’s embassy decision sparked a war of words and threats of legal action from the Russian embassy. reported being blocked for fear of association with the agency.

An embassy spokesperson suggested in a new comment to The Guardian that the Australian government has sought to foil attempts to protect itself from Australian espionage.

“In today’s world, embassies are built to certain security standards, including protection against espionage by the host country. Regarding the building, I was not at all keen on ensuring that. Canberra‘ said the spokesperson.

Myroshnychenko has been traveling across Australia visiting defense companies and will visit Trade Minister Don Farrell at his Clare Valley Winery while in South Australia.

Speaking with Guardian Australia in Adelaide on Friday, he said it was considering mine detection equipment, telecommunications technology and other equipment the Ukrainian government hopes will be purchased or sourced from Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Visit Kyiv, the war-torn capital of UkraineEarlier this month, Australia provided the country with approximately $400 million in military aid.

“We visit all companies in the defense industry that produce very good equipment,” says Myroshnychenko. “It could be sourced directly by Ukraine or the Australian government could buy it for Ukraine and send it.”

The ambassador said he was grateful for the support already received and was paying particular attention to mine detection equipment as people have been maimed or killed by Russian mines.

“Russia uses a lot of mines all over the city. Ukraine is a party to the Mine Ban Treaty, but Russia is not,” he said. “I don’t know how many years it will take to demine this country.”

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Human Rights Watch says the Russian military has used at least seven types of mines in Ukraine. Including things you’ve never seen before.

Myroshnychenko fled Ukraine with his wife and two children during the ambassador appointment process. He crossed the Romanian border on foot and stayed with his friends before coming to Australia in March.

He said he had returned twice to witness the devastation of his homeland and warned that Eastern Europe would “not survive” if Russian missiles hit the Zaporizhia plant, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

Ukraine blames Russia with plants as shields start attacking.

The ambassador said the “brutal” conflict had become a “war of remorse”.

“If Russia stops fighting, that’s the end of the war,” he said. “If Ukraine stops fighting, it’s the end of Ukraine.”

News Corp Australia reported this week There were concerns that the planned construction of the Russian embassy in Canberra could be used for intelligence gathering.

Ukraine tenders land for Russian Embassy in Canberra after lease ends.Canberra

Source link Ukraine tenders land for Russian Embassy in Canberra after lease ends.Canberra

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