Ukraine War: Fear of disaster as Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant ‘gets out of control’

The head of the UN’s Atomic Energy Agency has warned that a large nuclear power plant overtaken by Russia during its invasion of Ukraine is “totally out of control”.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and supplying one-fifth of Ukraine’s energy needs, was seized by advancing Russian forces on March 4.

It continues to generate electricity under Russian control. However, there are reports of it being used as an arsenal as well, with several rocket launchers relocated to the station’s grounds on the banks of the strategically important Dnipro River.

Rafael Grossi, UN nuclear power officer, warned that the Zaporizhia plant needed urgent inspections and repairs.

“There is a catalog of things that should not happen at any nuclear facility,” he said at a United Nations conference in New York.

“The situation is extremely fragile. All principles of nuclear safety have been violated in some way and cannot be allowed to continue.”

He warned that communication with nuclear power plant staff was “awkward” and that communities would only be held accountable in the event of a nuclear disaster.

“It is not conscientious to do nothing while this war is raging,” he said. “In the event of an accident at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, our responsibility is not the natural disaster, but only ourselves. We need everyone’s support.”

Russian official Yevgeny Baritsky said officials told Grossi’s agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), how the Russians were nuclear while Ukrainians were allegedly attacking nuclear facilities. He said he was ready to show how he protected the facility.

Two weeks ago, several Russian soldiers occupying a factory died in an unexplained “incident”.

Dmitro Orlov, the deposed mayor of the southern Ukraine city of Enerkhodar, said some troops were “very frightened and panicked and ran around the station.”

A Kyiv news site reported that the Russian military had received passes from factory staff and had “violated safety rules.”

On July 20, Enerjodar Mayor Dmitro Orlov said on the social media site Telegram that there was an “event”. It occurred at the power plant, but the details are unknown..

“What is known for sure is that in the afternoon nine soldiers from the terrorist country (Russia) were rushed to the city hospital with injuries of varying severity.

“Some are treated in outpatient settings, others are hospitalized. One of them is in critical condition and is in intensive care,” he wrote.

“There have been deaths, but we cannot determine the exact number at this time.”

Orlov went on to say that he “cannot guess” what led to the “dilution” of the occupiers.

“I should only add that the ‘orcs’ (a slur for Russian soldiers) were very frightened and ran around the station in a panic.

“For a long time they were blocking two shifts of operations personnel who were supposed to replace each other,” he said.

“The occupiers continue to look for their enemies. And perhaps they are beginning to realize that the cynical bombardment they have made of the neighboring settlements from the area of ​​the nuclear power plant will not pass without a trace of them.” There is.”

It is unclear whether the accident occurred at the nuclear power plant itself, any of the weapons stored in or on the plant, or whether the plant came under attack by Ukrainian forces from the other side of the river.

with Benedict Brooke

Ukraine War: Fear of disaster as Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant ‘gets out of control’

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