Union NSW warns of serious data breach risk and calls for “cyber police”

The union warns that patching security holes in the New South Wales government’s data management system requires critical resources, including “cyber police officers.”

In April, Unions NSW demanded a change in the way data was processed in a cyberattack on Service NSW, which compromised the personal information of 180,000 residents.

The union will demand more cybersecurity professionals and greater transparency against data breaches in a submission to be submitted to a state investigation on cybersecurity on Monday.

“Various agencies within the NSW government hold important data about citizens, especially with respect to our health, education, qualifications, assets and finances, and this information quickly became a valuable resource.” The organization wrote in a submission seen by NCA NewsWire. ..

Trade union NSW secretary Mark Morey compares the growing value of personal data to the oil boom and risks that information about public sector workers will ultimately be treated like commodities in a statement. Said. He also warned that the security risks revealed by the latest hacks could be greater than the general public is aware of.

“NSW needs a designated cyber police officer who can protect data and digital assets. Other countries in the world are working on this, and our government’s inaction puts us at risk of being caught in our pants. It means that it has been done. “

“Without mandatory reporting requirements, we don’t know the scope of NSW’s cybersecurity issues,” Morey said.

Unions NSW recommends, among other proposals, the repatriation of data stored offshore, more well-paid jobs in cybersecurity, and the requirement to report data breaches to designated government agencies. ..

A cybersecurity NSW spokesman said a quarter of June’s $ 240 million investment in cybersecurity was allocated to create a “military of cyber experts.”

“Not only is $ 60 million a four-fold increase in cybersecurity spending, but cybersecurity NSW has quadrupled team size to connect, protect, trust, more resilient and cyber-safe. We can secure NSW. The remaining $ 240 million will be allocated to departments and institutions to strengthen our cybersecurity regime, “said a spokesman.

Cybersecurity NSW also said that it has a policy that departments and institutions are responsible for cyber risk.

The New South Wales Senate Cybersecurity Survey will hold its first hearing later this month.

Place of originUnion NSW warns of serious data breach risk and calls for “cyber police”

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