UniSuper Strengthens HR Function – Strategy – Cloud

UniSuper consolidated five HR systems into one platform resulting in fewer monthly reports and improved employee engagement.

A superannuation fund implemented this system about six months ago to improve the efficiency of its human resources department.

The company wanted to increase productivity and reduce manual processes, and needed to improve career support for its 900+ staff to address a skills shortage.

The company’s HR “goal” platform saw a 98% increase in employee engagement since implementing the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

Unisuper Chief People Officer Julie Watkins said the company will “run five different HR platforms or complete manual processes” as the business “becomes more commercial and competitive.” Because of that, we can no longer continue to invest in more people,” he said.

Staff were “juggling between different applications like goals, performance reviews, and learning,” says Watkins.

“Consolidating all applications into one, reducing email, eradicating manual spreadsheets, allowing employees and business leaders to focus on other areas and, importantly, to provide information and trends about employees. We needed a solution that could give us more time to deliver.”

The efficiencies expected from the new platform will allow the company to focus on growing customer membership while also focusing on employee retention.

“It’s easy to listen to a few voices in your organization and react reactively, but that doesn’t give you the full picture of what’s going on in your organization,” says Watkins.

“We need actionable data and insights to see the big picture, challenges and opportunities.”

Watkins looked at “three similar HCM solution providers,” but “doesn’t require customization and has data to identify trends that can be combined with customer and employee Net Promoter Scores to take action.” We chose Oracle Cloud because it provides

“For us, these actions help us retain top talent, reduce time spent on manual HR tasks, and increase overall business efficiency. Ultimately, it makes our business more competitive. , means better results for our members.”

UniSuper Strengthens HR Function – Strategy – Cloud

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