Unlicensed driver allegedly collided with a house

The suspect’s unlicensed driver has been accused of crashing an unregistered car into a house near Newcastle on Saturday night.

New South Wales police were summoned for a “suspicious vehicle” at Raymond Terrace, 30km north of Newcastle, around 9:20 pm Saturday night.

A police spokesman claimed that the Silver Holden Commodore was found by police but was out of sight.

“After a while, Holden crashed into Scott Close’s house on Raymond Terrace,” she said.

Police have estimated that the crash caused enormous damage to the concrete veranda in front of the house and was worth more than $ 40,000.

The suspect’s driver, a 23-year-old man, was arrested and taken to John Hunter Hospital for a compulsory examination.

He was later taken to the Raymond Terrace Police Station and beaten on three charges, including dangerous driving.

Police claim that he did not have a driver’s license and the car was not registered.

The man was denied bail to appear at the Newcastle Bail Court on Sunday.

Place of originUnlicensed driver allegedly collided with a house

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