US Elections: UK “Amortization of Trump”, Building Relationships with Biden

One of Donald Trump’s most important allies, reportedly, is rushing to “cancel” his chances of reelection and establish a relationship with Joe Biden.

According to the report of TimesBritain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been warned next month that the Republican Party has been defeated in a landslide, and the Democratic Party is on a “triple wormy” trajectory to seize the president, the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives.

The British minister said Biden, after personal polling and modeling at 10 Downing Street last month increased the chances of a Democratic victory over 70% and one model this weekend to 85%. He was told to build a connection with his team. ..

Mr Johnson reportedly spoke to the US president last week to pray for a successful election, despite an official decision not to support him, but personally, the British prime minister has given up on Mr. Trump.

“They are now canceling Trump in 10th place,” said a senior Conservative member. Times..

Newspapers report that key British officials are familiar with Democrats, and British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab recently visited the United States during his visit to Congressman Nancy Pelosi and other powerful parliaments. I had a meeting with a person.

Meanwhile, Washington’s British ambassador, Karen Pierce, is begging Tony Blinken and Jake Sullivan, the foreign policy advisers of the Biden campaign, who have been advised to become Secretary of State and national security advisers. Times..

British officials are reportedly afraid of President Biden’s impact on Brexit, believing that the Democratic Party is likely to support the European Union.

Last month, Biden examined the issue and its potential impact on Northern Ireland.

“We can’t allow the Good Friday agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to be a victim of Brexit,” he tweeted.

A spokesman for Johnson at the time suggested that Biden did not understand the issue.

“We will continue to promise that there will be no harsh borders or border infrastructure between the Republic and Northern Ireland,” he said. Sun..

Asked if Mr Biden was wrong, he said, “We will work with our US partners to help us understand our position, but as the Prime Minister said, the point of this is To confirm Belfast / Good Friday. The agreement is upheld. “

Faisal Islam, the BBC’s economic editor, said US politicians were always keenly interested in anything that could influence the Good Friday Agreement because the United States was one of the guarantors of peace in Northern Ireland. I had. “

“The US House of Representatives, which will make up the majority of the Democratic Party in 2018, has triggered concerns among members of the British Cabinet,” Islam wrote.

“A key figure in Parliament’s Irish lobby … has been appointed to an important position overseeing US trade agreements. Since then, US Irish diplomats have pioneered a trans-party Irish lobby in Parliament. Convinced Brexit’s “backstop” clause to be considered essential to the protection of Ireland’s peace. “

Over the weekend, many British parliamentarians and officials raised concerns that if Mr Biden wins, hopes for a US-UK trade deal would disappear from the window.

media_cameraBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

“A recent announcement by Biden reveals that he cannot understand or does not want to understand Britain’s position on Brexit,” said Conservative MP and former Brexit Minister David Jones. Said Sun..

“His attitude does not sympathize with the desire of the British people to regain independence.”

With the US elections just three weeks away, most polls show that Biden is on the right track.

On average in Real Clear Politics, Democrats are now nearly 10 percent ahead of Republicans.

The poll analysis website FiveThirtyEight currently has an 86% chance of winning Biden.

Biden said in a weekend campaign suspension that “Chicany” at the voting booth was the only way he could lose, after being interpreted as questioning the legitimacy of the results. I looked back on the comments.

“Be sure to vote,” the former Vice President told voters in Pennsylvania. “The only way we lose this is because of the Chicany being done in connection with polling stations.”

Mr Biden said Mr. Trump mentioned comments encouraging supporters to “go to polls and watch very carefully.”

The US president has repeatedly raised concerns that election turmoil is imminent due to the high number of mail votes this year.

Democrats warned the public not to expect decisive results on election night, and Mr. Trump won a landslide victory just because he lacked his lead as all votes were counted the next day. It even says it might look like.

Before leaving Pennsylvania, Mr Biden clarified his comments, saying he was “a little out of context.”

“I will accept the results of this election, the period,” he said. “I was referring to attempts made to influence people and scare votes. You shouldn’t pay attention to them.”

Originally published as a major ally of the United States, “Cancel Trump”

US Elections: UK “Amortization of Trump”, Building Relationships with Biden

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