US Senate finally puts effort into carbon emissions

“It took a long time, but the Senate has finally moved forward with transformative climate legislation,” said former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, who won a Nobel Prize for his work in communicating about climate change. rice field.


That’s because Australia’s new government appears ready to pass its own legislation with a 43% emission reduction target.

Although the two laws are unique in purpose, ambition, scale and potential impact, there are important similarities between them.

Both are the work of cautious governments committed to combating climate change. As a result, both countries abandoned efforts to introduce an emissions tax, widely viewed as the most efficient way to secure greenhouse gas reductions across the economy.

Having bowed to the carbon price, policymakers in Australia and the United States are now turning to other means to cut emissions, said Professor Frank Giozzo, an environmental economist at the Australian National University. I’m here.

The practical policies they pursue are built to meet multiple policy goals. A Biden administration package would also help increase some corporate taxes, rebuild corrupt public infrastructure, and even cut drug costs.


The Labor government’s plans include spending $20 billion on Australia’s transmission system. This system is in dire need of an upgrade regardless of climate change.

Jotzo notes that this trend away from making emissions the sole focus of climate policy reflects a global trend endorsed by the United Nations climate body, the IPCC.

That said, for climate change reasons alone, as Biden once said about Obamacare, the success of the Democrats in getting a huge and complicated bill through the Senate by the narrowest margins possible is devastating.”

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US Senate finally puts effort into carbon emissions

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