Utah judge overturns law banning transgender kids from sports

The ruling was heartening news for the girls and their families, said Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

“The pressure and burden that this put on them was huge,” Minter said. “Having that weight lifted is just a huge relief.”

Republican Utah Senator Stuart Adams said in a statement that the committee would make decisions in a way that “protects fair and safe competition while preserving the integrity of women’s sport.”

Minter said he hopes the committee will make a fair decision, keep the process confidential, and come up with a good solution. He hopes the commission will act as a mere safety net, postulating that transgender girls will be allowed to play as long as there are no obvious issues with the fairness of the competition.

“How it is done is very important,” Minter said.

The ruling follows a statement this week by the Utah High School Activity Association that the parents of two female athletes whose female athletes lost in competitions were asked if the female athletes were transgender. Later, it was revealed that a female player had been secretly investigated. The association and the girl’s high school determined that she was indeed a woman after reviewing her school records dating back to kindergarten, association spokesman David Spatafor told lawmakers this week. said the girl and her family were not informed of the investigation so as not to embarrass them and “to keep the matter confidential.” salt lake tribune report.

At Thursday’s monthly press conference, Gov. Cox said the parents’ complaints about the girl being investigated had crossed the line.

“Oh my god, we live in this world and we’ve become terrible losers and we’re looking for reasons why our kid lost,” he said. “Making up such a claim is rather disturbing to me,” he said.

Spatafore refused to reveal the student’s grade, school, or sport to protect her identity. said he had not been informed of the investigation and had contacted his parents “as needed.”

Spatafor also said the association has investigated other complaints involving transgender athletes in an effort to comply with Utah law that went into effect in July. When you don’t look feminine.” No complaints confirmed.

Prior to the ban, Utah had one transgender female athlete registered on the high school team last year, Spatafor said.


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Utah judge overturns law banning transgender kids from sports

Source link Utah judge overturns law banning transgender kids from sports

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