‘Vacuum is actually very healthy’: How to stay active in humid Covid winterFitness

Motivating yourself to move around regularly can be difficult at best.

These, famously, are not the best times.

Rain continues to hit many parts of Australia, temperatures drop to icy cold (by antipodal standards), and Covid case counts remain high. Never been and getting there for days – dry – is a feat in itself.

Working out at home has also lost the appeal it once might have had in the early months of 2020. With lockdowns coming and going the last few years, “Yoga with Adriene” suffices. Even the most flexible people fall into an anxiety spiral.Peloton does not had a great run.

What should I do then? We asked our readers and experts for their advice and their exercise routines in wet, wild times. “Movement” was interpreted very liberally.

do housework

Dr. Sandro Demaio, CEO of VicHealth, says you can realize the benefits of physical activity without having to organize or manage it. “Maybe there’s a simple thing we’ve all heard: Use the stairs instead of the escalators. At the start or end of a tram or train journey he’ll make one or he’ll make two stops.” walk.”

All of these activities can be categorized under the now ubiquitous concept of accidental exercise. In DeMaio’s words, “what we happen to be doing and exercising at the same time.”

But collateral exercise doesn’t have to leave the house. Apart from these common examples, many household chores involve physical exertion, whether light or not. This will increase your intensity and get your heart rate up.

“And ironically, vacuuming is actually very healthy. Doing it a little more often definitely gets you more exercise, especially if you’re at home and maybe a little more messy.” It’s the method.

An added bonus, of course, is the incredibly neat home. For those who get bored easily (or have plenty of space), it’s also a good idea to redecorate your home or move your home office to another floor. Going down another flight of stairs is really great for cardiovascular health. “

One Guardian reader provided a particularly interesting tactic. “Every few days I have him chopping firewood for an hour,” writes Ruby Sea. [my] My arms are taking muscle tissue I never knew was possible!”

He may not see it here, but this is one speedy hound: Emma Kurtas’ Labrador and Stuffy cross resting after a run

Many of the energetic dogs were also featured in readers’ home activity suggestions. Fast Emma Curtas says. “He has a lot of energy, so he runs decently … he runs up to 10km.”

…or do something fun

Kurtas also began throwing exuberant dance parties in the living room as the sun went down. Battery-operated fairy lights come on, auxiliary cords are handed out to children, and limbs perch on Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles.

“Kids mostly jump. is.”

Dr. Sandro DeMaio in the Rooftop Garden
‘Just like doing stretches and weights’: Dr. Sandro De Maio in the Rooftop Garden – a great source of physical activity

DeMaio, on the other hand, swears by his vegetable garden as an endorphin plum-giver. “Digging, planting, pruning, bending over and pulling weeds…all very good and as effective as stretching and weight training.”

(very) comfortably

Navigating your home is as easy as walking. Guardian reader Robin, who was asked to use only his first name, says he’s “walked every day for 50 years,” but recently recovered from open-heart surgery and his fitness has taken off. Looking to his video of indoor walking to keep level. .

The variety she uses is Fabulous 50s“Walk around the lounge room for 30 seconds,” she says. “And you [might choose] Squat for 30 seconds. Then back to walking again…if that’s what you’re worried about, you don’t even have to be seen. “

Others made more outlandish suggestions. Another reader, Dennis, combines his stretching with noisy vocal exercises. tennis player lawHe says as he reads a book by the fire. Recreating this may heal your inner child, but not your neighbor relationship.

Dennis reads a book by the fire
“Sometimes I make animal noises while standing up and stretching”: Denise’s routine reading by the fire

trick your brain

If all else fails, fool yourself with barely-awake dizziness, like Jess Ho. Me [go] Go to the gym before fully waking up. And I still can’t register that it’s frozen. “

Getting there early in the morning is mostly to avoid the big, sweaty crowds, they say, but it also sees a mass of haphazard layers gathering to warm up from the morning sip. It also means that there is little audience.

“You know that scene from Friends, right? Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothesThat’s how I look when I go to the gym.? There is a large pile of clothing next to me as the session progresses. “

But not everyone is athletic (or disciplined). Ho also has specific recommendations for exercising at home, blasting RuPaul’s drag races as a frenetic pastime.

“When you’re doing aerobic exercise at home, [that] Best to watch. It’s very high-action, fast-paced, and seedy…my heart rate actually gets very high.

“[Drag Race] Cardiopulmonary function has definitely improved. “

‘Vacuum is actually very healthy’: How to stay active in humid Covid winterFitness

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