Valkyrie: Marvel’s First LGBTQ+ Superhero

Tessa Thompson is making Marvel history. When answering questions about LGBTQ + story inside “Thor: Love and Thunder” when San Diego Comic-Con In July 2019, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige acknowledged io9 ib that Thompson’s character, Valkyrie, would be MCU’s first LGBTQ + superhero.

“The answer is yes,” Feige said of Thompson’s story. “How influential the story is will still be seen with the level of representation you will see throughout our film, not in” Thor 4 “.

Thompson first hinted at Valkyrie sexual orientation during the presentation of Marvel’s Phase Four lineup, as he discusses the circumstances of the superhero’s love life. “First of all, be the new King [of Asgard], he had to find his queen, so that would be his first venture, “the 38-year-old said.” He has some ideas. Let you announce. ”Feige’s acknowledgment came shortly after.

Who is Valkyrie?

Valkyrie makes her debut inside “Thor: Ragnarok” 2017, and the news about his future story in “Thor 4” is double for many people because Thompson is bisexual. Although the introduction of several MCU characters has been questioned in the past, Marvel representatives have since confirmed that Valkyrie will be the first. open minded LGBTQ + behavior.

Valkyrie is the only survivor of a female army group called Valkyrior, which is the protector of the throne of Asgard. It first appears in “Thor: Ragnarok,” which tells of the Valkyrior destruction of the hands of Hela, Thor and Loki’s sister. Valkyrie then left Asgard, and the wind came to Sakaar, where he worked selling gladiators to the Grandmaster. Eventually, he finds Thor and returns to his home world to defeat Hela’s troops, and establish good relations with Thor along the way.

In “Thor 4,” his love story seems ready to go to the middle ground. “Unfortunately, there is not much time to invest in love stories in most Marvel movies,” Thompson said. Back January 24. “I think it will be a little different from the new Thor, which is exciting,” he added. “And has become a habit that history has not written for some people like me, all happy.”

To go with the improvements of the Valkyrie story, Natalie Portman is set to play the first wife Thor. “Thor: Love and Thunder” will arrive in theaters on July 8, 2022.

Photo Source: Marvel Studios

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Valkyrie: Marvel’s First LGBTQ+ Superhero Source link Valkyrie: Marvel’s First LGBTQ+ Superhero

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