Vatican Trial on Child Sexual Abuse Concealment of Child Sexual Abuse

A Vatican court heard an illustration of sexual abuse when the two priests were brought to justice. One was repeatedly raped by a boy on the altar at a youth seminary, and the other was charged with concealing the attack.

The first hearing lasted only eight minutes when the accusations were read by Father Gabriel Martinelli (28), who was a minor most of the time on suspicion of abuse, and Father Enrico Ladis (72), who was a minister. ..

Neither of the two defendants has publicly responded to the accusations, and the defense has not yet entered a formal petition.

The abuse took place between 2007 and 2012 at the Pius X Theological Seminary, which houses a boy on the altar who served Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, sometimes for the Pope, and was thinking of becoming a priest. ..

Martinelli later became a priest, and prosecutors said Ladis did not stop the ordination, even though he knew about the abuse.

The clerk forced Martinelli to force a boy known for his initials LG to “carnal acts, sodomy acts, masturbate himself and the boy at different times and places in the Vatican city. I read aloud the allegations.

The Vatican’s small court trial is the first of its abuses committed within the walls of a city-state.

The suspect’s abuse began when LG was 13 years old, and Martinelli continued to abuse LG for about a year after turning 18 years old, prosecutors said.

The court charged Ladis with cover-ups, including writing a letter to Italian church officials trying to bypass the investigation. The court reported that Ladis had given Martinelli oversight responsibility to the other altar boys.

The case exploded when an Italian journalist reported that LG’s roommate whistleblower had reported abuse but was later expelled from the seminary. The Vatican investigation began that year and was charged in 2019.

Former Italian Anti-Mafia Justice of the Peace Giuseppe Pignatone, Chief Justice of the Court, defended until Friday to present more documents. The trial will resume on October 27.


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Place of originVatican Trial on Child Sexual Abuse Concealment of Child Sexual Abuse

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