Vic premiere facing a motion of no confidence

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews is expected to face a motion of no confidence in Congress as the number of COVID-19 cases appears to have leveled off.

Andrews’ right-hand man, Chris Eccles, resigned Monday after a phone call revealed that he had spoken to the police chief after the state’s hotel quarantine program was set up in a hurry on March 27. ..

Despite having no memory of the call, former Prime Minister and Chief Cabinet Secretary alleges that he did not inform former Victorian police chief Graham Ashton of his decision to use private security.

The prime minister said he was “shocked” when he learned that Mr. Eccles had called and agreed to the decision to resign.

Eccles is the second civil servant to resign during an investigation into a failed program believed to be responsible for the second wave of COVID-19 states, and former health minister Jenny Mikakos said last month. I resigned.

The Liberal Party and Kuomintang in Victoria are planning to continue the attack as Congress resumes on Tuesday, and have voted no confidence in Andrews about the handling of the pandemic.

Opposition leader Mike O’Brien has called on Labor lawmakers to support the movement and cross the floor.

Opposition parties have only one chance to vote no confidence in the prime minister of each parliament, and if that fails, they must wait until after the 2022 state elections.

The premiere acknowledged that the roadmap from the blockade of Victoria is likely to be redrawn and that the daily COVID-19 numbers in the mid-teens could ease the restrictions.

The state recorded 15 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday on the fifth day of a double-digit infection, with no deaths.

The state’s death toll remains 810 and the national death toll remains at 898.

Melbourne’s 14-day moving average increased slightly to 9.9, but 10 mysterious incidents were recorded between September 26th and October 9th.

The city needed an average of five incidents a day and five or less mysterious incidents to move from the October 19th limit to the “third stage” of the state government’s roadmap.

Although these goals are currently unattainable, the Prime Minister said some restrictions (mainly social rather than economic) will still be relaxed.

At some point, Andrews acknowledged that Victorian authorities “call it” and may have to revise the goal of an average of five cases per day.

Vic premiere facing a motion of no confidence

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