“Victim” pleads guilty to robbery of over $ 3.9 million from gold buyers

The theory was confirmed on Wednesday when Ede appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to robbery and exacerbation of theft. Other charges have been revoked.

The 37-year-old boy was arrested about two weeks after his arrest and has been in custody ever since.

Karl Kachami photographed in Melbourne in Wiley

48-year-old Kachami was arrested days after the robbery and pleaded guilty to the exacerbation of robbery, theft and firearm crimes in August.

He was released on bail and was detained in June when a security judge was told about his health problems, police admission, and because he took an investigator to a property in the town of Gippsland, Dollar. Was released from.


According to police, CCTV footage from within the Melbourne Gold Company indicates that Ede is instructing Kachami to remove the gun from his jacket and find a small safe through hand signals and eye movements.

According to police, this footage shows that Kachami’s Glock pistol had no magazine.

Earlier court hearings said most of the stolen property had been recovered, but $ 333,240 in cash remained unpaid. It is unknown if the money was subsequently recovered.

Police and prosecutors have previously described the crime as the third most lucrative armed robbery in Victoria, a bold and well-planned state.

Place of origin“Victim” pleads guilty to robbery of over $ 3.9 million from gold buyers

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