Victoria Beckham ’emptied Nicola Peltz for days’ in wedding dress

Nicola Peltz has added fuel to rumors of a rift between the pair, claiming Victoria Beckham left her speechless for days after he asked her to design her wedding dress.

Nicola and Victoria reportedly had a falling out after wearing a Valentino wedding dress, not the one her mother-in-law made when the former married Brooklyn Beckham.

But now Nicola insists that she wants to wear one of Victoria’s designs.

“I was going to wear Victoria’s wedding dress, but I was really excited to wear a design made by my future mother-in-law,” Nicola said. Grazia USA.

“I thought it was a very beautiful, very beautiful story.

“I hooked up and started designing a dress, and it’s been a few days and I haven’t heard anything. Victoria called my mom and said her atelier won’t be there in time.”

She added that it’s disappointing that people thought Victoria and David Beckham were “great step-parents” and ignored their step-moms to wear Valentino dresses.

Nicola and Brooklyn tied the knot earlier this year at the heir’s family’s mansion in Palm Springs, Florida.

An insider close to Nicola previously said, daily mail She had no intention of wearing a Victorian dress.

“She was always trying to get her to design something. But she was never going to wear it. She actually has too many talented designer friends,” the source said. .

“It’s like having your in-laws and saying they make the best meatballs. You hate meatballs, but let them cook it anyway. That’s exactly what happened. She never wears it.” I didn’t mean to.

More recently, fresh details emerged suggesting tensions were heightened by a reception speech delivered by singer Marc Anthony. Anthony is David’s best friend.

Nicola is said to have been offended by the “gushing” compliment Anthony gave the groom’s mother during her speech.

“It’s totally a tribute to Victoria and how amazing she is,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“She went out of control in the middle of the wedding reception, [her sister] Brittany and her mother were crying,” the same source said.

first published as Victoria Beckham ’emptied Nicola Peltz for days’ in wedding dress

Victoria Beckham ’emptied Nicola Peltz for days’ in wedding dress

Source link Victoria Beckham ’emptied Nicola Peltz for days’ in wedding dress

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