Victoria COVID-19: Sunrise Host Sam Armitage Called “Shame”

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews is under pressure from all sides as he prepares to announce a change in the blockade that has crippled his business and left Melvernian in his house for months. I will.

The prime minister would have awakened to the news this morning that his constituency had been destroyed. The word “Sackdan” was spray-painted on the windows of the Noble Park building.

But he also came from both state and federal politicians, business groups, psychiatrists and doctors, and Victoria’s legal fraternity, prior to Sunday’s announcement shaping how Melvernian would move forward. You will be familiar with the increasing pressure.

It all happens because the rules used to keep the Melvanian blockade are being ignored by individuals who are fed up after waiting for months of change.

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The latest example is Berwick, southeast of Melbourne, which was opened by a clothing store owner at risk of a $ 10,000 fine.

Harry Hutchinson of Harry’s Clothing followed the rules for greater benefit, but was accused by Victorian people who were celebrated by business advocates as defenders of the blockade change.

And he found support in an unlikely place — from Sunrise’s host Samantha Armitage.

Hutchinson told Sunrise today that he “represents small businesses.”

“I’m not going to violate the law, but I strongly feel that small businesses are surviving … they’re making it difficult, not just me,” he said.

“We have to get back to work, the economy has to survive.”

“I’ve been visited many times by the police,” “I’m very sorry for them,” Hutchinson told the program.

The Army provided her with full support.

media_cameraSamantha Armitage defended Harry Hutchinson this morning for opening his store against the instructions of the Chief Health Officer.

“I’m not an anarchist, but I can do this and tell you what’s good for you,” she said. “I can’t believe the people in Melbourne aren’t doing this early. The police feel that way. All of this must be overlooked.

“Harry, you’re a great Australian. You’re the type of person we all need and all of us expect. You’re diligent, you’re honest,” she said.

Hutchinson said he couldn’t dream of a reaction from Australians across the country.

“It’s totally ridiculous to engage in welfare at the stage of my life,” he said.

However, Army Tage was blown up by social media in support of Melbourne’s rule breaker.

“The shame of sunrise for inciting Victorians to break CHO’s orders,” wrote one.

“Sam needs to strangle. The clothing store is back in business today, and Samantha has made him a patriot and encouraged him to open.”

Another wrote: “The support from Sam Armitage was shameful. At sunrise, she represented your opinion and you need it now.”

Others wondered why he was being reported.

Police arrive on Wednesday to talk to Harry Hutchinson. Photo: David Crosling
media_cameraPolice arrive on Wednesday to talk to Harry Hutchinson. Photo: David Crosling

“Why is he being reported?” Written by a woman. “He violates the law and raises the risk to Australia. We are in the midst of a bloody pandemic — do people forget this? Sam, you want to support him Idiot. Harry should be arrested. “

Another wrote that the Army was “humiliation.”

“How much do you dare to undermine the work of all Victorian people? How open will this poor person be in a few weeks if everyone violates the law as you advertise? Are you a public health doctor? Economist? Number? “

But Hutchinson has a lot of support.

“Harry, I’m glad,” wrote one man.

“What’s the difference between Harry opening Coles in his Covid Safe Shop (and) Melbourne, where he’s likely to catch Covid with the masses? Harry is all about the true Australian spirit — he Fighting everything that has. There must be more. “

Originally published as “disgrace”: Sam panned for COVID stance

Victoria COVID-19: Sunrise Host Sam Armitage Called “Shame”

Source link Victoria COVID-19: Sunrise Host Sam Armitage Called “Shame”

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