Victoria region on coronavirus warning due to the emergence of three new cases in Shepparton

Three people have been infected with the coronavirus in Shepparton, a town in northern Victoria, and authorities are calling on everyone in the area to be tested.

The new incident was announced late Tuesday by state test commander Yeron Weimar, marking the beginning of a new cluster in the region.

“There are three active cases of self-quarantine at home and monitored by Goulburn Valley Health,” he said in a statement.

During the COVID-19 Test Blitz on June 28, 2020, an old man took the Covid-19 test under the guidance of a member of the test team.

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“We look forward to discovering more cases as part of that effort,” Weimar warned.

On Wednesday morning, Victoria announced seven new cases and five deaths from the last 24 hours.

Starting Wednesday, a test site will open at GV Health’s Acute Respiratory Clinic and Showground in Sheparton, with more to be installed as the day goes on.

Health officials advise all Sheparton residents to be tested and stay home until results are available.

Meanwhile, the state’s chief health officer, Brett Sutton, defended Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions in comparison to New South Wales, where health officials were more generous.

Victoria recorded 12 new cases on Tuesday. This is a double-digit infection for the sixth consecutive day in the state.

There are 13 new infections in NSW, most of which are locally transmitted.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews (left) will arrive at a press conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, October 13.


Professor Sutton asked why Victorians were subject to a strict blockade, unlike their northern neighbors, and said the situation was not the same.

“The difference is really deep,” he said.

“Through this second wave, 20,000 cases across Victoria have settled in the most difficult cohorts and populations across the state.

“The number of intimate contacts per household and the number of intimate contacts they have are very different.”

A motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Daniel Andrews’ response to the pandemic failed in Congress Tuesday night.

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews is watching during a question time at the Legislative Assembly, which will be held at the Victorian Parliament on October 13.


With the average of Melbourne’s 14-day new cases rising to 10 on Tuesday, Andrews could revise the roadmap from the blockade of Victoria before announcing some deregulations on Sunday. I repeated that.

Of the 12 new cases reported on Tuesday, seven are being investigated for association with the outbreak at Box Hill Hospital, including four from the same household.

One is related to the outbreak of chadstone through household contacts and the other is related to Estia Keilor’s geriatric care facility.

Geelong’s proceedings are under review and may turn out to be false positives.

The state’s death toll from the virus is 811 and the national figure is 899.

Elsewhere, Korea Nazarene University, southeast of Melbourne, was allowed to resume on Wednesday after grade 12 students tested positive.

Victoria region on coronavirus warning due to the emergence of three new cases in Shepparton

Source link Victoria region on coronavirus warning due to the emergence of three new cases in Shepparton

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