Victoria State Government Places Thousands of Tutors

“My message to parents and caregivers [is], If your child is late, we will bring them back to their original speed. “

Most Victorian students spent much of their second and third semesters on distance learning. Almost all year levels returned to the classroom on Monday. I haven’t returned to school in the 8th to 10th years.

Students at St. Brendan Elementary School in Flemington returned to school on South

Evidence shows that some of the hardest-working students in online learning include those with low levels of English, those who are already at risk of leaving school, and those in a home environment that is not suitable for distance learning, according to the government. I am.

Merlino said he was confident that the tutoring workforce was available.

“Currently, there are about 5,500 teachers who have recently retired or are on long vacations. There are 4,000 pre-service teachers and 3,000 to 3,600 casual relief teachers,” he said.


“We need more than 4000 people to raise our hands.”

The funding package includes:

  • $ 209.6 million for all public schools to attract and hire 3,500 tutors throughout the 2021 academic year.
  • $ 30 million to hire 600 tutors in non-public schools to help underprivileged students.
  • $ 8.6 million in 2021 for a Family Engagement Initiative to Support Schools Working with Families. This includes an additional 16 Koorie Engagement Support Officers and 60 additional multilingual and bicultural workers.

Merlino said he expected 80 percent of tutors to be the women most economically affected by the pandemic.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said teachers and families did a great job in an unprecedented year, but some students will return to school and need help.

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Paul is a reporter for The Age.

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