Victorian people urged “stay on the course” as the weather heats up

Melvanians “can and should” go out, but are warned that inadvertent sun exposure jeopardizes their chances of enjoying COVID’s normal summer.

Making the most of warm weather without a mask can cause another outbreak and endanger everything Victoria has worked hard to achieve.

It was the main message of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews on Sunday after a large group of beaches and parks ignored virus restrictions.

Andrews has strengthened the warning that people should “stay on the course” when they enjoy the outdoors rather than being selfish.

Despite continued strict regulations, a large number of people gathered outdoors in the warm sunshine of Melbourne. Photo: Seven News

“We are very close. Let’s not do anything that could undermine a very positive number,” he said.

“Once you lower it, you can keep it low, and now you can reopen it if you do nothing stupid or selfish.”

Overall, coronavirus cases remained low across Victoria, with one death and 12 new cases diagnosed in the 24 hours to Sunday morning.

Andrews warned people, “If you try to shorten this, it will return to what it was a few weeks to a few months ago.”

Police fined St Kilda Beach when a group of people flocked to the warm outdoors. Photo: ABC

“Let’s not do anything that would endanger our place. It’s a delicate attitude.”

“It’s sunny, yes, and people love to go to the beach when it’s sunny, but there’s a pandemic,” Andrews said.

“Sure, there is a strong urge to see this, defeat it, spend a normal summer, and celebrate COVID’s normal Christmas and 2021.”

SA records new cases of COVID-19

South Australia recorded a new case of COVID-19 after a man in his twenties returning from abroad was tested positive during hotel quarantine.

According to SA Health, this case is an old infection, but it was not previously counted.

There is one active case in the state, 471 cases reported and 4 dead.

This is after the SA has revised the coronavirus restrictions, and licensed pubs and restaurants can serve drinks to patrons from Saturday if they are in an outdoor area.

SA has also eased measures in the event sector, allowing up to 150 private events, including weddings, to dance and serve drinks to standing people.

WA crew member COVID test negative

Western Australian officials confirmed that the crew of a cargo ship moored at Fremantle Harbor tested negative for COVID-19.

The crew on board the Kota legal vessel was tested after it was revealed that they were ill while the vessel was at sea, WA Health said on Sunday.

“The vessel can resume activity and leave Fremantle to the next port,” says WA Health.

The ship arrived in Fremantle after a seven-day voyage from Port Klang, Malaysia. Prior to that, it is believed that he was in China and Singapore.

This is because authorities continue to address 17 outbreaks on the Patricia Oldendorf bulk carrier off Port Hedland.

The ship, carrying 20 Filipinos and a captain, arrived from Manila on September 16 and is anchored eight nautical miles off the northwest coast of Washington.

Nine remained on board as important crew members, seven of whom tested positive.

The fenced Hedland Hotel quarantine also had 12 crew members, 10 of whom were positive.

Authorities are confident that the ship will depart next week.

WA did not record new cases on Sunday and there are 17 active cases.

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