Virginia voter registration extended after last-minute technical accident

A federal judge in Virginia extended voter registration until the end of Thursday after losing access to the online system just hours before Tuesday’s state deadline, Bloomberg reported.

Judge John A. Gibney, Jr. of the U.S. District Court, in favor of the voting group, said snuffs were unacceptable and “irreparable” rights to Virginians who had not yet registered when the system went down. “Harm” was said. Authorities initially explained that the registration service was inaccessible due to a mysteriously disconnected fiber optic line. According to Bloomberg, the Virginia Information Technology Agency shed some light on how the cable was damaged, saying it was the result of an accident during a roadside utility project in Chesterfield County.

The Attorneys’ Committee for Civil Rights under the law has filed proceedings against the Virginia Elections Authority and the Virginia Election Commission, and some state electoral authorities have demanded an extension of the deadline by 48 hours. The Associated Press claimed that the outage was a de facto deprivation of civil rights.

“Without relief, I tried to register as a voter through the online portal on October 13, 2020, but without my own negligence, I would be completely deprived of my rights in the next election,” the proceedings said.

If the deadline is not extended, the proceedings state: election. “

According to Politico, Judge Gibney’s decision was not challenged by either Democrats or Republicans, and similar to Virginians in 2016 after the same system crashed due to heavy web traffic. He said a 36-hour extension was offered. In the expanded window, over 25,000 people could be registered, otherwise we would have been unlucky.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden outperformed Donald Trump by nearly 13% in Virginia’s early polls, but jumped to unprecedented levels in 2020, with more than a million votes so far Was done.

Virginia voter registration extended after last-minute technical accident

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