Vladimir Putin “may be liable for war crimes” in Syria

“The nature and scale of air strikes and ground attacks on civilians committed … could be a crime against humanity,” the report added.

Attacking civilians is a war crime if committed intentionally or recklessly. When carried out extensively or systematically, such attacks can be a crime against humanity.

Muhammad Khalifa, a victim of the bombing, at his school in the town of Jisr al-Shugour,

Russia has denied targeting civilians, saying it only attacked “terrorist targets” in Idlib. However, HRW said both Syrian presidents Bashar al-Assad and Putin could be criminally liable for war crimes as commander-in-chief of their army.

The report nominated eight other Syrian and Russian civilian and military officials who could be held accountable under the doctrine of command responsibility.

“The government should consider unilateral targeted sanctions on these senior officials and commanders who are definitely involved in the abuse,” HRW said, saying Russia’s veto power at the UN Security Council is an international criminal. He said he prevented referrals to the court.


Earlier reports accused Russian and Syrian government forces of targeting civilians, but HRW was the first to explicitly assert command responsibility for Russian leaders.

“This report shows how closely Russian troops are involved in Syrian military operations in Idlib, extending to Russia’s commander-in-chief Vladimir Putin,” said report author Berkis.・ Wille said.

Russia’s and Syrian military strategies seemed to target civilian infrastructure to force population migration, so Syrian troops “just stepped into the area, leaving no one there. We were able to get it back, “Wille added.

In March, the Independent International Investigation Commission on Syria released a report that Russia was involved in an illegal attack on private infrastructure, saying it could be a war crime.

Since the outbreak of the war in 2011, more than 400,000 people have died in combat. The United Nations estimates that about 1.4 million people were evacuated during the Idlib attack and that about 300 towns and villages were depopulated by attacks by Russian and Syrian government forces.

Telegraph, London

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Vladimir Putin “may be liable for war crimes” in Syria

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