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Scan the list of newly released Walkley Award finalists on Thursday New daily Readers will notice some familiar names to honor Australia’s most prestigious journalism.

Political journalist Samantha Maiden leads the “Scoop of the Year” nomination in the December 2019 story, Hawaii Two-O: Scott Morrison’s Wildfire Holiday.

It’s an unforgettable story soon.Maiden, and TNDPolitical editors broke the story of the Prime Minister spending his vacation in Hawaii while Australia endured the worst wildfire season on record.

A week ago, the rumored factory made a fuss with Australians wondering where Morrison was after Morrison disappeared from sight while the country was on fire.

The maiden revealed that the prime minister had flown business class to Hawaii with his wife and daughter. She also said opposition leader Anthony Albanese seemed to have had no problems.

“I have a lot of criticism of Scott Morrison, one of which wasn’t when he chose to take a vacation with his family,” Albanese said at the time.

Scott Morrison is portrayed in Hawaii as Australia burns.

The Walkley Book Awards long list also has more familiar names, with two authors. TND It is running.

Columnist Garry Linnell and Pell correspondent Lucie Morris-Marr were both nominated for prestigious awards.

Morrismar is an investigative journalist who reported on Cardinal George Pell’s trial. TND.. Her nominated best-selling book, collapsed, It looks at one of Australia’s most controversial proceedings.

Some of her coverage can be read here.

Garry Linnell TND Former director of Nine Network news and current affairs. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Fairfax and a former Editor-in-Chief. The Daily Telegraph And Newsletter..His nominated book Buckley’s chance, It’s about the incredible true story of the mythical Australian William Buckley.

You can read some of his columns here.

Winners will be announced on the Walkley website starting Friday, November 20th at 7pm.

Walkley Candidate List The New Daily Feature Writer

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