Wayne Bennett is the league’s greatest fiction writer

The meeting took place in the lounge room of Gould’s longtime companion and former manager. Wayne Bevis.. They waved to the deal, which undermined Bennett’s desire to stay in Broncos in 2019 to support his player.

Chairman of the Panthers, unknown to Gould Dave O’Neill I was shaking hands Ivan Cleary at the same time.

Wayne Bennett seems to have gone to George Costanza’s School of Life if his denial of conversation with Phil Gould should be, getty, getty

Of course, this Bennett’s Jibja Bar is all a lot of fun, but it gets messy when he tells the media “Make this” and tries to play Jedi mind tricks with the general public.

It is becoming very clear that Bennett is the greatest fiction writer in the history of rugby league.


Nonetheless, his 70-year-old rabbit is humming at the right time of the year, and it’s no surprise that he won the entire shebang.

After defeating Parramatta in the semi-finals, he gave the players three days off. three!

How many coaches will do it for the Grand Final Qualifying?

Freddie lends a hand at Griffith

The good people of Griffith are looking for answers that can never be found.

Last year, they lost an amazing number of people of all ages to suicide. Many of them are young soccer players and I don’t know why.

Bulldog outlook in late December Ziggy Vincent, 19, took his own life from Griffith Black and White RLFC.A few days later, the club coach Andrew Hogart, 24 is gone.

When that happened, the young Griffith men united and vowed that it would never happen again.

“I said,’This is it.'” Ngalan Druitt,twenty two. “We said we needed to talk to each other, but only when it happened to Bill, one of our best companions, did we have a problem and have to do something. I really knew. “

Billy HaleThe 21-year-old appeared outside Gourgo Willabbit when he died in March.


“No one saw it coming,” Druitt said. “He was always happy and always had a party life. He smiled on the face of the person who met him. It shocked us all. As a player he was great. This year He was playing for top tri-scorer Gourgowi Rabbits last year when everyone said it would be his best year. He had a real passion for rugby league. “

Four months later, another tragedy broke out when Billy’s sorrowful mother, Donna, also took her life.

“It’s a rough idea, to say the least,” Druitt continued. “Roughly speaking, everyone is united. This is good. We are trying to break the stigma of mental health.”

Help NSW coach arrives on Monday afternoon Blood Fitler Roared town on a Harley-Davidson bike with the rest of NSWRL’s homeless crew, including a former player Nathan Hindmarsh And Ian Schubert..

It was the broadcaster that wasn’t too late Gas WarlandThe Gotcha4Life Foundation has cast a shadow over Fitler for the past year or so. He visits rural towns such as Dubbo, Orange, Tally and Mudgee.

After opening a coaching clinic that afternoon, a few suicide-affected people moved to the Griffith League Club’s beer garden, helping to heal as well as live emotional sessions.

Brad Fitler and Gaswarland will speak at the Griffith League Club Mental Health Clinic.

Brad Fitler and Gaswarland will speak at the Griffith League Club Mental Health Clinic.

Among them were Billy’s father Jeff and his sister Amber. Also, the room had Vincent’s best companion, Eperisel hippopotamus, A photo of him and Vincent is wearing a dog tag around his neck forever.

“He’s always with me,” said Selkabaibata. “This is the most I’ve actually talked about him.”

The message from Warland was simple but effective.

“”Don’t worry alone, “he told the room. “That’s all about mental health. If you don’t worry alone, you’re telling someone what’s really happening in your life. We all want to talk, but out of the joke I don’t know how to speak in. We need to educate ourselves to have a really important conversation. A gravity conversation that can save your life. “

Communication has been the basis of Fitler’s success over the last two years as a blues coach.

He said Monday night that the reason for winning the series twice in a row against Queensland was due to mobile phone restrictions between players.

“For the NSW team, that was the basic thing,” Fittler said. “We get rid of the phone and talk. There are so many problems talking to gas. [among young men] Comes from loneliness. It comes from the fact that no one talks to anyone. If I could ride Griffith for about a day here, I thought there would be someone who could talk to me. “

After Billy Hale’s death, Druitt also knew the importance of speaking. He is no longer looking for an answer, but he does whatever he can to ensure that there is no unnecessary death.

He started a monthly catch-up every Sunday with the help of a minister Lou Greco From an Australian cave. They have helped in the absence of a footballer who has stopped for COVID-19.

“For many people, it’s hard not to be able to do it because football takes time to catch up with their peers,” Druitt said.

That’s why Fittler and the rest of the crew helped when they rolled into town.

“It’s good to know that it’s not for our world,” Druitt said.

Lifeline: 13 1114.

SaGa Bold Saga Natural Tea

official: Anthony Say Bold The trolling saga is a farce.

Taking on those who slandered Saybold’s reputation is a lie about his personal life, but he has been accused of launching his own slander campaign.

When Saybold separated from Broncos in August, this column specifically asked for the name in the cybercrime report he requested.

After all, his lippy attorney Dave Garrett, Said that “celebrity” was behind it all. Saybold refused to elaborate at the time, saying he didn’t want to stir up the rumors, just as the rumors stir up about him.

Anthony Seybold and 60 Minutes Reporter Tom Steinfort.

Anthony Seybold and 60 Minutes Reporter Tom Steinfort.

Then he appeared 60 minutes An unnamed NSWRL staff member was revealed as the culprit on Sunday night.

The name began to flutter about who it was, including those in senior positions within the organization.

The problem was that the so-called official was Bush’s part-time referee official.

The NRL’s integrity department was so overwhelmed by Saybold’s report that it caught and passed the textbook to the NSW police, which was also so overwhelmed that there was no reason to investigate.

Just repeat the news: this is a farce.

“I want to pay tribute!” — Lebron James After leading the LA Lakers to the NBA Championship at the Miami Heat. Bron Bron, I respect its value.

thumbs up
When celebrating the Bledisloe Cup draw like a win, you might actually be saying something about the tranquility of Australian rugby, but note how Wallaby played against the All Blacks in Wellington. Worth

If you feel like you’re in a hurry for lunch, take a look at the Dallas Cowboys quarterback vision. Dak Prescott After knocking back a $ 242 million contract extension in the off-season, he suffers from compound fractures and ankle dislocations. It hurts!

It’s a big weekend for the Penrith Panthers, who lost once this year and won the last 16 games. Now they meet a heated rabbit in the qualifying finals on Saturday night. Ddd-Danger.

It’s … an even bigger weekend for Nature Strip. With Chris Waller’s trained Hosie, Everest’s low-priced favorites of $ 15 million seem to be of little interest to favorites again after a barrier draw.

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