Wayne Naden spits on cops and avoids prisons to dodge borders

A New South Wales man who spit on police officers across the Queensland border without quarantine on a desolate night in town does not spend nine months in prison behind the bar.

Wayne Naden’s defense lawyer claimed that there was a “misunderstanding” because of his border crossing after visiting the COVID-19 hotspot in the southern state and traveling north to visit his family.

The 51-year-old bowed his head and bullied frequently after pleading guilty to various charges, including not following COVID-19’s instructions on Tuesday and seriously assaulting police.

The Brisbane Administrative Court was told that Naden entered Queensland between August 1st and 17th and traveled to Dubbo and Sydney the previous month.

On August 23, on a drunken night in the town of Fortitude Valley, Naden spit in the hands of a police officer while he was arrested. He was found on the restricted drug pregabalin.

Police prosecutor Catherine Steele said Naden first changed his mind when he tried to cross the border at Tweed Heads by bus on August 12, but was denied entry.

He then told police that he had crossed the border between August 2nd and 3rd and was quarantined by a West End backpacker for two weeks.

“Further investigation was done, he passed Dubbo and Sydney on 31 July and attempted to cross on 1 August,” Steele said.

Defendant lawyer Luis Sirito said Naden traveled to see his family in the north after self-quarantine with a backpacker for a week.

“There seemed to be some misunderstandings and misunderstandings about what he said to the various authorities,” Sirito said.

“He had a plan for quarantine, but only for a week.

“He says he had no special intention to act dishonestly.”

Mr Sirito told the court that Naden regrets his “degrading” actions against police officers.

Courts have been told that Naden has a long history of property and violence crimes and has been convicted of assaulting police 14 times.

Naden was sentenced to nine months in prison, but was granted immediate parole by Justice of the Peace Noel Nunan.

The 51-day pre-judgment custody was declared as a length of service.

Naden was ordered to provide 40 hours of community service.

“You are now at an age where you should be able to act yourself,” said Justice of the Peace Nunan.

“I think I was able to reassess your position in 51 days (while in custody).”

Place of originWayne Naden spits on cops and avoids prisons to dodge borders

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