Weekly Horoscope: August 7-14

March 21st to April 19th
Hobbies, laughter, and indulging the senses become your focus this week, thanks to the Full Moon’s visit to your hedonic principle realm. This sector is also about romance and passion, so spend more time pleasing yourself and your partner.

April 20th to May 20th
Stars cultivate a wonderful combination of pragmatism and creativity. You will not only have more energy and clarity, but also a very strong work ethic and will to succeed. Combine all this with inspiring ideas and the world will be your oyster.

May 21st to June 21st
If you’ve been holding your breath at the outcome of the situation, Friday’s full moon in your communications sector sets a pleasing, or at least progressive tone for the week.

June 22nd – July 22nd
You are in a great position to negotiate and haggle. Silence is the key to success. Keep your card close to your chest and let the other person talk and show you the card.

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Weekly Horoscope: August 7-14

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