Wentworth actor Katrina Milosevic struggles to leave hit TV series behind ahead of new role in Spreadsheet

Actor Katrina Milosevic struggles to shed Wentworth’s “skin” as she moves on to her next unusual project.

“Chalk and cheese.” Actor Katrina Mirose Bitch explains the difference between playing Boomer, a drug trafficking prisoner in Wentworth, and joining the cast of the “Suburban Sex Comedy” comedy spreadsheet as Anju. I am.

Working on the series currently streamed on Paramount Plus was “a dream experience.”

“It takes a while to get rid of the boomer. She’s been with me for almost 10 years and is under my skin, but the spreadsheet is very light, fun and spontaneous,” she says. ..

“It was great, and doing something in a different tone and genre was a great relief … although my character Anju may be a little sensible.”

Apart from the set, Katrina, along with her longtime partner Rodney Hawksworth, created a cozy home in a federation pad in the heart of Melbourne.

“I think I’ve been crazy about England since the Brothers (boy band in the 1980s). I’m a complete British lover. I think English comedy is so cute. I hear about London’s East End. I love it. I pretend to live in a rural village in England. I’m from North Queensland, but I went to New England University (Armidale, New South Wales). It snowed in winter and all the professors were elbows. I wore a duffle coat with patches. It was magical to me. ”

At home with actor Katrina Milosevic

Who: Actor Katrina Mirose Bitch

wheree: Federal era rental with partner Rodney Hawksworth in Melbourne.

Favorite things: This dining table belongs to my parents and I grew up around it. It’s a special reminder because I lost both.

Inspiration: The charm of English.

House: I moved around a lot for work, so it’s all about going home. That means feeling safe in a cozy place, especially after all blockades.

Katrina Milosevic’s Favorite Things


Even if I’m down to the last two dollars, it doesn’t matter to make sure I have candles in my house. This candle is my favorite at Lore Perfumery in Fitzroy.

Reusable shopping bag

We like to get reusable shopping bags from different parts of the world, which makes us feel really special when walking in Coles. This is from Southern France.


I’ve kept a diary for years and have hundreds. Twenty-one years ago, I met my partner at a cafe on the first day I lived in Melbourne. I wrote that I would meet a cute guy that day, and that he might be my destiny.

NIDA degree

After UNE, I studied abroad at NIDA. NIDA changed my life. I learn a lot in that place and use that knowledge every day. It definitely shapes who I am in my twenties and thirties and beyond.


Having been blocked for the past two years, he refused to get out of his brown robe and often wore nothing underneath, so he feels sorry for his neighbor in the event of a gust. He loves to be in the garden.

French perfume

I bought this perfume essence in Gignac, France, but I have used it very modestly so far. It smells of sandalwood and will come back as soon as you wear it.

Bay window seat

That was the first thing I saw when I looked into this house. I stepped into my house 5 steps and decided I had to live here. It’s the place where I read books and learn my lines.


Music is my greatest passion. I’m not crazy about actors, but I’m not crazy about musicians. Even when Rod Stewart came to TV when I was little, I faced it and kissed the screen.

Wentworth actor Katrina Milosevic struggles to leave hit TV series behind ahead of new role in Spreadsheet Source link Wentworth actor Katrina Milosevic struggles to leave hit TV series behind ahead of new role in Spreadsheet

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