West Coast Fever sets up Grand Final showdown with Melbourne Vixens

West Coast coach Stacey Marinkovic said he was excited when he noticed the players returning to Perth and that homesickness has become a motivational tool for the team this season.

“It was fun in the changing room. Some girls said they knew the end point when they got home,” she said.

“Now you can really put all your energy into it. It gives you another match of energy to know where that endpoint really is. You get nothing to lose. I have everything. “

West Coast Fever’s defensive line established an early lead and pressure on the ball forced early errors on the Sunshine Coast.

Captain Courtney Bruce and Stacey Francis stopped their early scoring attempts during the five Lightning Rebels and performed best this season.

Gold Defender Francis silenced fans of the parish Sunshine Coast with an intercept that set Alice Teague Neild as the goal. Fever escaped in the quarter as Teagnild fired the game’s first two-pointer, leading 21-12 into the first break.

Despite the double teaming of Phumza Maweni and Karla Pretorious, goal shooter Jhaniele Fowler worked overtime to create space and Fever continued to reach his second goal. Teague-Neeld helped Fever lead 16 goals in half-time with two more super shots.

Fowler finished the match with 60 goals at 98%.

“We are very confident both personally and as a team and we have all supported each other weekly and weekly,” said Teagneild after the match.

In Fever’s engine room, Tsubasa’s attack and best player Emma Kosh led the feed count at 44, with Verity Charles beating his opponent Laura Langman.

Despite having an 18-goal lead last quarter, Fever kept his feet on the pedals as he continued to steam roll his opponents around the court. Lightning threw everything at Fever, but the Perth side was so far ahead that nothing could stop this victory.

Marinkovic said next week’s Grand Final should be “great.”

“They are a great team to face,” she said. “When I played for the second time, I was a little closer to the lack.”

Sunshine Coast captain Laura Langman recently announced her international retirement, but gave no hint as to plans for next year’s national league.

“I think I’m going to get over this knife with internal organs first,” Midcourt said after the match around 2021.

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Place of originWest Coast Fever sets up Grand Final showdown with Melbourne Vixens

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