What Single Life Has Taught Me About Healthy Marriage

When I was young, I felt society expected me to be married and have several children by my mid-twenties. So when I approached her mid-30s as a single woman, I was ready for life as an unmarried woman.

Certainly becoming a reality 40 year old bride It wasn’t what I saw. In my mother’s circle of friends, it was common to say, “I thought you were already married!”

The reality of becoming a bride at the age of 40 was invisible.

Looking back, my path of self-discovery as a single, independent woman helped me build a solid and secure relationship after meeting my partner at age 35. Career. While her husband pursued his love of art and music, I traveled solo in Europe, explored Australia, and even lived interstate. I owned my own home and established financial independence before we met.

My partner and I share many common interests, but there are also activities we enjoy separately. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many things we enjoy doing together: spending weekends apart, watching live music and sleazy comedy, eating great food, playing her board game. However, we agree that it is healthy for our relationship to have our own interests, charge away from each other, and maintain our independence.

My partner introduced me to the great outdoors through hiking and camping trips. I encouraged him to travel and learn new cultural experiences. He didn’t even have a passport before he met me. He came to the theater, but it’s not his duty, so he encourages him to go with his friends instead.


Similarly, I’ve dabbled in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, but I get very little FOMO when he plays a six-hour campaign without me.

A big factor in our relationship is trust. I go out and socialize, but 15 years soberI often left Thomas at the pub knowing he would come home safe and sound. I didn’t have to call or text him every half hour asking when I was coming home. The trust is mutual and I often catch up with friends and family without him, no questions asked.

A lot of that trust comes from keeping ourselves safe as individuals and finding each other later in life. We have spent time building mutual love and respect.

What Single Life Has Taught Me About Healthy Marriage

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