What we’re doing in the shadows makes fun of some delicious tips about Season 3

Most of 2020 was completely terrible, but at least we had a great season What we are doing in the shadows — And another news along the way.Season 3 hasn’t started shooting yet, but the FX show’s New York Comic Con panel did Discover some intriguing tips on what to expect when the show returns.

Series stars Matt Berry (Laszlo), Cavan Novak (Nandor), Natasia Demetriu (Naja), Harvey Gien (Gillerumo), Mark Proksch (Colin Robinson), and (very easily) spooky Naja dolls. Joins executive producers Paul Sims and Stephanie Robinson looks back at the Emmy-nominated second season and ponders what his vampire roommates are doing in the pandemic (Nander ordered food and Will eat the courier, Proksch said the energy vampire Colin Robinson is definitely roaming (feast on all the tension to stir with the mask).

For Season 3, the panel had pretty tight lips, but we got some fun bullying. “If you enjoy the idea of ​​Colin Robinson singing, you’ll be very happy with episode 3 of the season. That’s all I can say,” Simms said. “By the way, that’s news for Mark too.”

As fans remember, Season 2 introduced several new supernatural creatures, including witches, ghosts, and trolls.More creatures will appear in The Sims in Season 3 (although there is no hope for leprechauns. “For some reason., Gemine.” [Clement, WWDITS creator] It was a very anti-leprechaun. There was no reason other than he didn’t expect them to exist in this world, “Robinson said.

“Here we are looking at a big board that contains all the scripts for next season. You’ll meet at least three or four new kinds of creatures. Except for Hellhound, what they are. I won’t say it, “Simms said, sharing some tips for Season 3. “I don’t say where they go, but there’s an entire episode where vampires go on expeditions to places they don’t normally go to. This is very difficult because vampires have to carry soil to move. Is in their hometown to put under their bed when they sleep. ”

“Colin Robinson has a big and important birthday, I think I can say,” he added. “And there’s a certain theme this season when Nandor wants love, because he’s been alone for a long time, and there are some interesting ways in which the characters he meets along the way come back. Yes. Sean next door will stand out in one or two episodes in a very interesting way. “

Nothing has been said yet about when you can see it all What we are doing in the shadows It’s Season 3, but it’s finally here. By looking to the end of the panel (or skipping around 29:20), you can see the only leprechaun expression you’ve ever seen in the series, plus the only Jackie cameo, the alter ego of Laszlo’s bartender. I can do it. Daytona. more information, make sure you follow us on Instagram @io9dotcom..

What we’re doing in the shadows makes fun of some delicious tips about Season 3

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