When the border is closed, Australia’s permanent visa location is set to be filled by people on land

Jeanne Arona came to Sydney from the Philippines 6 years ago.

At the age of 25, she had many choices when thinking about where to start her nursing studies, but Australia was at the top of the list.

“Given the health care system we have, the support people provide in this country, and the level of education they provide, I believe there are many opportunities for registered nurses in this country. “She told SBS News.

She earned a degree from the University of Technology Sydney in 2016, but finding a job has never been so easy, despite the country’s desire for registered nurses.

“International students are considering your visa, so the opportunities are so limited that it’s hard to get into the country,” she said.

She currently has a four-year sponsored visa at Marion’s united geriatric care facility and wants to stay in the country forever.

Priority skills

As the federal government recognizes registered nurses as one profession that cannot be filled in the country, it gives priority status to overseas applicants and allows for prompt temporary visas and travel exemptions.

It is one of 17 professions added to the list of professions with priority transition skills in September, CEO and Managing Director, Construction Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Physician, Psychiatrist, IT Specialist. The house is also included.

The expanded list is welcomed by some of the business community eager to see the economy recover after COVID-19.

Innes Willox, CEO of the Australian Industry Group, said: “This needs to be a skill-driven recovery, and there are millions of people around the world who have the skills they need in Australia.”

If you have a certain skilled visa, you will be able to obtain permanent residence later.

Construction project managers are also included in the list of occupations with priority migration skills.


However, former Immigration Deputy Secretary Able Lizbi said that while theoretically good, it’s not really that great in a pandemic.

“Given the caps on arrivals from abroad, the COVID-19 issue, and the movement of international people, it is inevitable that these positions will have to be filled by people already in Australia,” he said. It was.

Border closed

The federal government expects two-thirds of permanent visas for this fiscal year to be given to people already in Australia on temporary visas, and a shortage of new immigrants will hurt the country’s bottom line. I will.

“This is undoubtedly the impact of the earthquake on the economy over the next few years,” said Jarodball, chief economist at the Australian Center for Economic Development.

According to the federal budget, Australia’s population is one million less than expected, and this year’s population growth will drop from 1.6% to just 0.2%.

Pure foreign migrants are projected to fall into the negative territory for the first time since World War II and return to positive levels from 2022 to 23.

But that’s a prediction that some people are skeptical about.

“The prediction from where I’m sitting now looks very optimistic,” Lizbi said. “I think the government needs to revisit that number in the future.”

The government is sticking to the annual travel cap of 160,000 locations per year, even though 140,366 locations were filled in 2019-20 and have not reached the cap. The transition for 2018-19 totaled 160,323.

Willox said the reality is that migrant numbers will return to pre-pandemic levels and the Australian border needs to be reopened.

“We have closed our borders and Australia has been cut off from the world, but obviously people don’t want to come here, or they won’t be able to come here. This is the key, but we need to open it as soon as possible. There is. “

“Transition is the lifeline of our business and that’s why we need to move as quickly as possible.”

However, economists say Australia also needs to be positioned as an attractive destination for skilled workers through welfare assistance.

“It’s not too late to provide any support to temporary migrants who bring great net financial benefits to the federal budget at good times, and those good times have been going on for the past 30 years,” Ball said. Said.

“Given the long record of contributions to the federal budget, I think it’s important to give back.”

As for Jeanne, she wants to stay in Australia for a long time. She says it’s a job she loves, but not for everyone.

“It’s not about what nationality you belong to, but whether you’re actually built for the job,” she said.

“If you like the job, if your heart is in the job, you will go for it.”

When the border is closed, Australia’s permanent visa location is set to be filled by people on land

Source link When the border is closed, Australia’s permanent visa location is set to be filled by people on land

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