Which family is in the Dragon House?

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HBO’s long-awaited “House of the Dragon“teeth, A History of the Powerful House Targaryen for centuries Before the events of “Game of Thrones”. While the main focus of the series is on the battles between House Targaryen and its various members (all with an eye on the throne), fans are left wondering if any other recognizable family members will appear in the new series. Additionally, there are other houses that play major roles in the show that viewers may not be familiar with yet.

HBO is keeping a lot of details about ‘House of the Dragons’ secret. “Fire and Blood,” The book by George RR Martin that inspired the new series. “Fire and Blood” is a “history” book covering several generations of House Targaryen, while “House of the Dragons” focuses specifically on a particular era. The book provides some major clues as to who you may or may not run into once the show begins airing, including historical members of House Starks, Lannisters, and House Baratheon. will provide you.read more Which houses and characters are likely to appear in series.

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Which family is in the Dragon House?

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