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“Only Murders in Buildings” I’m back season 2 who killed the bunny? at the end of season 1Mabel (Selena GomezMabel, Charles (Steve Martin), and Oliver (Martin Short).

Season 1’s conclusion set Charles, Oliver, and Mabel as having the most to gain if Bunny dies. There are many reasons why they wanted Bunny dead, but in Season 2, viewers find out they’re framed. Our hero doesn’t know who the real culprit is.

]Episode 8.Only Murders in BuildingsWith Season 2 airing on Hulu on August 8, viewers finally have a clear picture of who the mysterious masked sparkly figure is. At the end of the episode, Mabel realizes it’s none other than Detective Kreps (Michael Rappaport). It doesn’t look like he knew Bunny before he was murdered. He didn’t seem to be working entirely alone.

Meanwhile, Mabel’s love partner Alice (Cara Delevingne), the previous episode’s questionable motives suggest she might be a suspect as well.Zoe Colletti) revealed for the gang in Episode 4. At this point, the possibilities of who could be Bunny’s killer are endless.

Read on for all the evidence against everyone who may have killed Bunny, and the current verdict on whether they’re guilty.

who killed the bunny? | | Pop Sugar Entertainment

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