Why you shouldn’t be afraid to work four days a week

Perhaps the solution wasn’t working more of the time, but it worked less of the time. pilot program It’s run by 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit coalition to help businesses transition to a four-day week.

Transitioning to a four-day work week is no easy task for business leaders. 100% wages for her 80% of the time. In exchange, we promise to provide 100% output. On paper, you could argue it’s a bad economic move. In practice, it is difficult to configure and requires a high level of trust. Not for micro-managers. Not for toxic work environments.

Lauren Crystal (left) and colleagues

In my business, I get paid to design solutions and solve problems. These two things are easier to do when your mind is fresh and your motivation is high. It’s also effortless for a dedicated, happy, healthy team that wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Low turnover, high growth, and a unique culture built around individuals.

4 Day Week Global reports that 78% of employees who work four days a week are happier and less stressed. In short, we should all work less. Create space for personal growth through doing, resting, and thinking. Put your family and friends first and do your best at work.

Talk to your team before planning your four-day week. Listen to their concerns and questions. It will help shape the final plan and give you a better understanding of how to make this work.


If you’re temporarily closed one day each week, try a roster system so you can stay open for five days. Decide among your teams based on your size.

We’ve only been on the trial for two weeks, but we’re already seeing a big difference. You can now prioritize medical appointments that you couldn’t before. Feedback from staff has been positive, with some saying their partners can return to work one day a week because they can take over childcare duties. One of our staff members who is a part-time DJ promised to compose new songs for the extra holidays, and another staff member attended the matinee performance.

There’s an air of excitement in the office and, in fact, people are a little nervous about getting into a new routine, but the overall feedback, even the concept itself, is telling our team, ‘We Your happiness and health are our priority.”

do i recommend it? Yes, especially for companies willing to test the waters in terms of output. From a commercial perspective, you can think creatively about increasing productivity and eliminating bureaucracy. An old question – was that meeting a message?

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to work four days a week

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