Wonder Years star Fred Savage accused of sexual assault by six women

Fred Savage has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by six women.

The Wonder Years star was fired from the reboot earlier this year after directing nine episodes of ABC’s reboot, but he’s back on set after production began “soon” for the 46-year-old former child actor. After a claim was made, it was let go. – act of a turned executive producer.

Two of the six anonymous whistleblowers told The Hollywood Reporter what it was like to work with Savage.

One said: An investigation was quickly launched and he was barred from the set. ”

The news broke in May and was confirmed by a 20th Television representative. A representative referred to “allegations of improper conduct” but did not provide further details.

Reports then circulated that the actor was “doing a lot of introspection,” praising the “overwhelming support” he was receiving from people on the sitcom.

One person told the same media:

camera iconFred Savage (right) was a child actor who played the lead role in the hit show “The Wonder Years” in the late 80’s and early 90’s. credit: do not know/attached

The two women, who were not identified in the paper, believe there are two different sides to the former Boy Meets World star.

“His eyes would die,” he said, when he changed from one mood to another.

The six women, whose identities have been asked to be kept secret by Disney, have alleges verbal harassment and alleged assault by a former crew member.

Another explained how upper management “sees his absolutely perfect and best face” but saves his nasty side for “lower-level employees who have no power.” .

Savage, one of the victims who was no longer on the show at the time of the incident, followed her into the women’s restroom at a bar frequented by the crew after work and kissed her “forcefully.” and claimed to have “pulled” She ‘puts her hand ‘to his crotch.’

She said: “He was buying shots for everyone,” and later when she went to the bathroom, Savage showed up.

“I started laughing. Before I could say, ‘What are you doing? This is the women’s restroom,’ he said, he came up to her with ‘dead eyes’ and pushed her against the wall.” Told.

“I said, ‘Please, don’t do this.’ I meant to ruin the friendship. Not out of fear, I was pleading, but this was irreversible.” ”

“He put his mouth to my mouth forcefully. He went over my pants. I brushed him away. I grabbed him and pulled him by the crotch. I was pulling him back. He was so angry that he stopped. I checked his shoulder so he could get out.”

She later said that when Savage texted her to come over to his house after leaving the facility with a crew of young women, she “laughed at it” but was “honestly scared.” ” He detailed.

“I laughed it off with ‘haha no good night’ to stay neutral, because honestly I was scared of him the first time,” she said.

Following this, she claimed that Savage kept texting and calling, eventually stopping until he left a voicemail message.

The message she shared with The Hollywood Reporter read: We worked together for a while but never worked together again. Huge asshole. And I’m so sorry. I have to apologize here, but I really like you and want to be your friend.

The group complained primarily of Savage’s actions toward the safety of the young crew members, but also claimed they wanted to challenge his alleged “support” for women.

They told the paper: “We all felt supported by Fred. We really thought he was supporting women. He told us he was supporting women.” But this kind of support is not realistic.”

“Since I was six years old, I have worked on hundreds of sets with thousands of people,” Savage said in a statement. I have always worked hard and it is very shocking to know that some of my colleagues feel that I have not achieved these goals.

“There have been reports of some incidents that never happened and should never have happened, but there are just too many people hurt or offended by my actions. There is nothing more important than being a positive colleague, friend, husband, father, and person, so I will work to address and change behaviors that have negatively impacted someone.

Wonder Years star Fred Savage accused of sexual assault by six women

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